Man pages for control
A Control Systems Toolbox

abcdchkState-space matrices check.
ackerPole placement gain selection using Ackermann's formula
appendAppend the dynamics of a set of systems
bodeBode Frequency Response for continuous-time Linear Systems.
c2dContinuous Time model conversion to Discrete Time model.
careContinuous-time Algebraic Riccati Equation solution
cloopClosed Feedback Loops
connectBlock diagram interconnections of dynamic systems
ctrbForm Controllability Matrix
dampDamping and Natural Frequencies for Continuous Systems
dcgainDC Gain
esortSort Complex Continuous Eigenvalues in Descending Order
feedbackFeedback Connection of LTI systems
freqrespLow level frequency response function
gensigGenerate periodic signal
givens_rotComplex Givens Rotation
impulseImpulse Response for Linear Systems
initialInitial Condition Response for Linear Systems
issisoSISO / MIMO Check
lsimTime response of a Linear system
lsimplotPlot time response of an LTI system
ltifrLTI frequency response kernel
ltitrTime response of a Linear Time-Invariant system
nyquistNyquist Frequency Response for continuous-time Linear...
obsvObservability Matrix
ordschurOrdered schur decomposition
parallelParallel Connection of two systems
pidProportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller
placePole placement gain selection
poleObtain Poles for a System
poly2strPrint Polynomial
polysubSubtracting Polynomials
rampRamp Response for Linear Time-Invariant Systems
selectsysSelect/Remove Subsystem in State-space Model
seriesSeries Connection of two systems
ssCreate State-space Model.
ss2tfState-space model conversion to Transfer function model.
ss2zpState-space representation to zero-pole-gain representation
ssdataRetrieve State-space data
stepStep Response for Linear Systems
tfCreate Transfer function Model.
tf2ssTransfer function model conversion to State-space model.
tf2zpTransfer function model conversion to Zero-Pole-Gain model.
tfchkTransfer function check.
tfdataRetrieve Transfer function data
TFunctionEvaluate Transfer function Expressions
zp2ssConvert Zero-Pole-Gain Model to State-Space Model
zp2tfZero-pole-gain model conversion to Transfer function model
zpkCreate Zero-Pole-Gain Model.
zpkdataRetrieve zero-pole data from LTI system object
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