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Coverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets

ARCoeffMapGenerate the AR coefficient map.
ComputeCopeCompute CoPE sets.
copeCoverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets
DrawContourDraws the contour f=c.
ImageMapPlots an image on a map of the world.
MBContourComputes Multiplier Bootstrap realizations of the supremum of...
plot.copePlots CoPE sets.
PlotCopePlots CoPE sets.
TaylorContourComputes tail probabilities of a Gaussian field on a contour...
ToyNoise1Generate a realization of the Toy Noise 1.
ToyNoise1PresmoothGenerate a realization of the Toy Noise 1 before smoothing.
ToyNoise2Generate a realization of the Toy Noise 2.
ToyNoise3Generate a realization of the Toy Noise 3.
ToyNoiseMapGenerate an AR sequence with the ToyFUN as base noise and the...
ToySignalReturn the Toy Signal.
ToySignalDCReturn the Toy Signal with discontinuities.
ToySlopeThe toy slope.
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