read.autodelim: Read delimited file.

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Delegates to read.delim where the separator is inferred from the file extension (CSV or TXT). For CSV files the delimiter is set to "," while for TXT file "\t" is used. Also sets some default argument values as used by Core Hunter.


read.autodelim(file, quote = "'\"", row.names = 1, na.strings = "",
  check.names = FALSE, strip.white = TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE, ...)



File path.


the set of quoting characters. To disable quoting altogether, use quote = "". See scan for the behaviour on quotes embedded in quotes. Quoting is only considered for columns read as character, which is all of them unless colClasses is specified.


a vector of row names. This can be a vector giving the actual row names, or a single number giving the column of the table which contains the row names, or character string giving the name of the table column containing the row names.

If there is a header and the first row contains one fewer field than the number of columns, the first column in the input is used for the row names. Otherwise if row.names is missing, the rows are numbered.

Using row.names = NULL forces row numbering. Missing or NULL row.names generate row names that are considered to be ‘automatic’ (and not preserved by as.matrix).


a character vector of strings which are to be interpreted as NA values. Blank fields are also considered to be missing values in logical, integer, numeric and complex fields. Note that the test happens after white space is stripped from the input, so na.strings values may need their own white space stripped in advance.


logical. If TRUE then the names of the variables in the data frame are checked to ensure that they are syntactically valid variable names. If necessary they are adjusted (by make.names) so that they are, and also to ensure that there are no duplicates.


logical. Used only when sep has been specified, and allows the stripping of leading and trailing white space from unquoted character fields (numeric fields are always stripped). See scan for further details (including the exact meaning of ‘white space’), remembering that the columns may include the row names.


logical: should character vectors be converted to factors? Note that this is overridden by and colClasses, both of which allow finer control.


Further arguments to be passed to read.delim.


Data frame.

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