Man pages for corporaexplorer
A 'Shiny' App for Exploration of Text Collections

corporaexplorer-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'corporaexplorer'
create_sotu_dfCreate a data frame with State of the Union texts and...
create_test_dataCreate test_data
demo_jane_austenDemo app: Jane Austen's novels
demo_sotuDemo apps: State of the Union addresses
exploreLaunch Shiny app for exploration of text collection
get_dfRetrieve the document data frame from a corporaexplorerobject
get_matrixSplit up returned list from matrix_via_r()
get_term_vectorSplit up returned list from matrix_via_r()
include_columns_for_ui_checkboxesValues for custom UI sidebar checkbox filtering
matrix_via_rCreate document term matrix for fast search of single words
pipePipe operator
prepare_dataPrepare data for corpus exploration
print.corporaexplorerobjectPrint corporaexplorerobject
run_corpus_explorer-deprecatedDeprecated: run_corpus_explorer()
run_document_extractorLaunch Shiny app for retrieval of documents from text...
test_dataA tiny test dataset to test basic functionality
transform_365Convert "data_dok" tibble to "data_365" tibble
transform_regularAdjusts data frame to corporaexplorer format
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