include_columns_for_ui_checkboxes: Values for custom UI sidebar checkbox filtering

include_columns_for_ui_checkboxesR Documentation

Values for custom UI sidebar checkbox filtering


Values for custom UI sidebar checkbox filtering


include_columns_for_ui_checkboxes(new_df, columns_for_ui_checkboxes = NULL)



A "data_dok" tibble produced by transform_regular


Character. Character or factor column(s) in dataset. Include sets of checkboxes in the app sidebar for convenient filtering of corpus. Typical useful for columns with a small set of unique (and short) values. Checkboxes will be arranged by sort(), unless columns_for_ui_checkboxes is a vector of factors, in which case the order will be according to factor level order (easy relevelling with forcats::fct_relevel()). To use a different label in the sidebar than the columnn name, simply pass a named character vector to columns_for_ui_checkboxes. If columns_for_ui_checkboxes includes a column which is not present in dataset, it will be ignored.


List: column_names; values. Or NULL.

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