corregp-package: Functions and Methods for Correspondence Regression

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This package provides functions and methods for performing correspondence regression, i.e. the correspondence analysis of the crosstabulation of a categorical variable Y in function of another one X, where X can in turn be made up of the combination of various categorical variables. Consequently, correspondence regression can be used to analyze the effects for a polytomous or multinomial outcome variable. The central function in the package is corregp, which enables methods for printing, summarizing and plotting the output. Additionally, there are functions for computing confidence intervals, ellipses or 3D ellipsoids (by means of bootstrapping).


This package consists of the following datasets, functions, generics and methods (some internal functions are no longer exported in version 2):





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Koen Plevoets, [email protected]


This package has benefited greatly from the helpful comments of Isabelle Delaere and Gert De Sutter. Thanks to Kurt Hornik and Uwe Ligges for proofing this package.

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