county_radius: County land area data.

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A dataframe containing the FIPS code and estimated radius (in km) for each U.S. county. This dataset was put together using a dataset from the U.S. Census American FactFinder data dissemination tool. This dataset was downloaded from the geographic identifiers 'G001' option for the 2010 Summary File1 (SF1). The file was found by following the instructions recommended by the U.S. census here: The website listed in "Source" gives more information about this dataset.




A dataframe with 3,143 rows and 2 variables:


A character vector giving the county's five-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code


A numeric vector giving an estimate for each county's radius from its center, in km. This value was calculated by dividing the U.S. Census Land Area estimates (which are in square meters) by 1,000,000, and then taking the square root of each area and dividing by pi. Each county was estimated to be roughly circular for the purposes of estimating county radii.


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