calcSfpofFromPofInt: Calculate SFPOF results from interval failure probabilities

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For the flight-by-flight sequential importance sampling routine of the crackR package, the default is to output SFPOF at the start and end of a number of subintervals of flights. Also output in the results object is the probability of failure of each interval: This function calculates and "average" value of SFPOF for each flight in each subinterval using, yielding SFPOF results in the familiar format for plotting.




data.frame of the subintervals of a crackR run with columns indicating the number of flights in each interval and the failure probability of each interval. is standard output in a crackR run.


Like the interval version of the routine, SFPOF will converge more quickly for many problems when averaging estimates over a number of flights. Using this function to process flight-by-flight results will be approximate within each subinterval, but these will be less approximate in general than those obtained by the interval routine.


data.frame of SFPOF results for printing or plotting


Keith Halbert <>


Halbert, K. "Estimation of Probability of Failure for Damage-Tolerant Aerospace Structures" PhD Thesis, Temple University Department of Statistics, Philadelphia, PA, Apr 2014

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