cranly: cranly: CRAN package database analytics and visualizations

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cranly: CRAN package database analytics and visualizations


cranly provides core visualizations and summaries for the CRAN package database. The package provides comprehensive methods for cleaning up and organizing the information in the CRAN package database, for building package directives networks (depends, imports, suggests, enhances, linking to) and collaboration networks, and for computing summaries and producing interactive visualizations from the resulting networks. Network visualization is through the visNetwork ( package. The package also provides functions to coerce the networks to igraph objects for further analyses and modelling.



  • David Selby ( experimented with and provided helpful comments and feedback on a pre-release version of cranly. His help is gratefully acknowledged.

  • This work has been partially supported by the Alan Turing Institute under the EPSRC grant EP/N510129/1 (Turing award number TU/B/000082).

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