Man pages for crayon
Colored Terminal Output

chrConvert to character
col_alignAlign an ANSI colored string
col_ncharCount number of characters in an ANSI colored string
col_strsplitSplit an ANSI colored string
col_substrSubstring(s) of an ANSI colored string
col_substringSubstring(s) of an ANSI colored string
combine_stylesCombine two or more ANSI styles
concatConcatenate character vectors
crayonColored terminal output
drop_styleRemove a style
has_colorDoes the current R session support ANSI colors?
has_styleCheck if a string has some ANSI styling
hyperlinkTerminal Hyperlinks
make_styleCreate an ANSI color style
num_ansi_colorsDetect the number of ANSI colors to use
num_colorsNumber of colors the terminal supports
show_ansi_colorsShow the ANSI color table on the screen
start.crayonSwitch on or off a style
strip_styleRemove ANSI escape sequences from a string
styleAdd style to a string
stylesANSI escape sequences of crayon styles
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