Man pages for crminer
Fetch 'Scholary' Full Text from 'Crossref'

as_tdmurlCoerce a url to a tdmurl with a specific type
authCrossref TDM authentication
crm_extractExtract text from a single pdf document
crm_htmlGet full plain text
crminer-packagecrminer - Crossref text miner
crm_linksGet full text links from a DOI
crm_pdfGet full text PDFs
crm_plainGet full plain text
crm_textGet full text
crm_xmlGet full text XML
dois_crminerA character vector of 500 DOIs from Crossref
dois_crminer_ccby3A character vector of 100 DOIs from Crossref with license...
dois_elsevierA character vector of 100 Elsevier DOIs from Crossref
dois_hindawiA character vector of 50 Hindawi DOIs from Crossref
dois_pensoftA character vector of 100 Pensoft DOIs from Crossref
dois_wileyA list of 3 character vectors totaling 250 Wiley DOIs from...
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