Man pages for crs
Categorical Regression Splines

clsdCategorical Logspline Density
crsCategorical Regression Splines
crsivNonparametric Instrumental Regression
crsivderivNonparametric Instrumental Derivatives
crs-packageNonparametric Regression Splines with Continuous and...
crssigtestRegression Spline Significance Test with Mixed Data Types
data-cps71Canadian High School Graduate Earnings
data-Engel951995 British Family Expenditure Survey
data-wage1Cross-Sectional Data on Wages
frscvCategorical Factor Regression Spline Cross-Validation
frscvNOMADCategorical Factor Regression Spline Cross-Validation
glp.model.matrixUtility function for constructing generalized polynomial...
gsl-bsGSL (GNU Scientific Library) B-spline/B-spline Derivatives
krscvCategorical Kernel Regression Spline Cross-Validation
krscvNOMADCategorical Kernel Regression Spline Cross-Validation
npglpregGeneralized Local Polynomial Regression
snomadrR interface to NOMAD functions for constructing tensor product smooths
uniquecombsFind the unique rows in a matrix
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