Man pages for crunch Data Tools

AbstractCategoryAbstract categories
addGeoMetadataAdd geodata metadata to a crunch variable
addSubvariableAdd subvariable to an array
addSummaryStatAdd summary statistics to a CrunchCube
addVariablesAdd multiple variables to a dataset
analysis-methodsGet and set slide analyses
appendDatasetAppend one Crunch dataset to another
appendStreamManually trigger a pending append to a dataset
applyAgainstapply a function against a dimension
applyTransformsCalculate the transforms from a CrunchCube
archive-and-publishGet and set "archived" and "published" status of a dataset
as.environment-CrunchDataset-methodas.environment method for CrunchDataset
availableGeodataFeaturesGet the property features for available geographies
batchesSee the appended batches of this dataset
buildDelimRegexBuild Regex to find delimited items.
calcInsertionsGiven a vector of values and elements, calculate the...
calcTransformsCalculate transforms for an array method for catalog objects
catalog-extractExtract and modify subsets of Catalog-type objects
catalog-lengthLength of Catalog
catalogToDataFrameA utility to return a data.frame from a ShojiCatalog.
CategoriesCategories in CategoricalVariables
categoriesFromLevelsConvert a factor's levels into Crunch categories.
category-extractAccess Category fields directly
c-categoriesS3 method to concatenate Categories and Category objects
cdChange to different folder
changeCategoryIDChange the id of a category for a categorical variable
checkInstalledPackagesCheck if a user has packages installed
check_marginsCheck validity of margins
cleanseBatchesRemove batches from a dataset
collapseCategoriesCombine Categories in place
collapse_dimsCollapse an array from a CrunchCube by summing
combineCombine categories or responses
compareDatasetsCompare two datasets to see how they will append
conditionalTransformConditional transformation
consentGive consent to do things that require permission
ContextManagerContext managers
copyOrderCopy the variable order from one dataset to another.
copyOrderGroupCopy the order of a 'VariableGroup' (or individual variable...
copyVariableCopy a variable
createDatasetCreate an empty dataset
createSubvarDerivCreate subvariable derivation expressions
createWithMetadataAndFileMake a dataset with metadata and a CSV
createWithPreparedDataUpload a prepared data.frame with metadata to Crunch
crtabsCrunch xtabs: Crosstab and otherwise aggregate variables in a... instant, visual, collaborative data analysis
crunchAPIMain Crunch API handling function
crunchBoxMake a CrunchBox
crunch-cutCut a numeric Crunch variable
CrunchDatasetCrunch Datasets
crunch-isTest whether a Crunch object belongs to a class
crunch-summarySummary methods for Crunch Variables
crunch-uniUnivariate statistics on Crunch objects
crunch_user_agentGenerate or extend the User-Agent string
CrunchVariableVariables in Crunch
cube-computingWork with CrunchCubes, MultitableResults, and TabBookResults
cube-methodsMethods on Cube objects
cube-missingnessModify cube missing behavior
cube-residualsCalculate standardized residuals from a CrunchCube
dashboardView or set a dashboard URL
dataset-extractSubset datasets and extract variables
DatasetOrderOrganize Datasets
dataset-ownerGet and set the owner of a dataset
dataset-referenceGet a Crunch object's dataset
datasetsGet the dataset catalog method for CrunchDataset
dataset-updateUpdate a variable or variables in a dataset
decksGet a dataset's DeckCatalog
deck-titlesManipulate deck titles
deleteDelete a Crunch object from the server
deleteDatasetDelete a dataset from the dataset list
deleteSubvariablesDelete subvariables from an array
deleteVariablesDelete Variables Within a Dataset
derivationsGet or set a derived variable's expression
describeName, alias, and description for Crunch objects
describe-catalogGet and set names, aliases on Catalog-type objects
describe-categoryCategory attributes
dichotomizeIndicate how categories represent a dichotomized value
dim-datasetDataset dimensions
dimension-comparisonColumn and row comparison
dimension-comparison-pairwisePairwise column and row comparison
dimSumsCollapse an array from a CrunchCube by summing across...
display-settingsGet or set a slide's display settings
dropRowsPermanently delete rows from a dataset
duplicated"duplicated" method for Crunch objects
embedCrunchBoxGet HTML for embedding a CrunchBox
ensureValidCaseValidate case statements for case variables
envOrOptionGrab either env variable or option
escapeRegexEscape a regular expression
exclusionView and set exclusion filters
exportDatasetExport a dataset to a file
exportDeckExport a Crunch Deck
expressionsConstruct Crunch Expressions
expropriateUserExpropriate all Crunch objects from a user
filter-catalogGet or set a dataset's filters
flattenOrderRemove nesting of groups within an order/group
flipArraysRearrange array subvariables
folderFind and move entities to a new folder
forkDatasetCreate a fork of a dataset
fortifyFortify crunch objects for use with ggplot
generateCutLabelsGenerate Labels for the cut function
generateWeightEntryGenerate entry for makeWeight
geoGeography properties for crunch variables
getAccountUserCatalogFind all users on your account
getDimTypesGet dimension type
getTeamsRetrieve your teams
grabColNamesgrab column names for subsetting crdfs
grabRowIndgrab row indicators for subsetting crdfs
groupedGet grouped or ungrouped OrderGroups
handleAPIresponseDo the right thing with the HTTP response
hasFunctionCheck if a package has a function installed
hiddenVariablesShow the names of a dataset's hidden variables
hideHide and Unhide Variables
hideVariablesHide and unhide variables within a dataset
http-methodsHTTP methods for communicating with the Crunch API
importMultitableImport a Multitable
index.tableCalculate an index table for a CrunchCube
InsertionsInsert categories in transformations
interactVariablesCreate a variable by interacting categorical variables
is.editorRead and set edit privileges for Categories
is-publicView and modify "public" attribute
is-selected-categoriesis.selected for Categories
is.TRUEorFALSECheck that a value is TRUE or FALSE
joinDatasetsAdd columns from one dataset to another, joining on a key
listDatasetGadgetOpen dataset selector
listDatasetsShow the names of all Crunch datasets associated with a...
loadDatasetLoad a Crunch Dataset
lockLock and unlock a dataset for editing
loginAuthenticate with the Crunch API
logoutKill the active Crunch session
makeArrayMake a Categorical Array or Multiple Response variable
makeArrayGadgetArray builder
makeCaseVariableMake a case variable
makeInsertionConvert a child class of Insertion into a proper Insertion
makeInteractionsMake case statements that define the interaction of two or...
makeMarginMapMake a map of margins
makeMRFromTextCreate Multiple Response Variable from Delimited lists
makeWeightGenerate a weight variable
margin-translationConvert from user margins to real cube margins or vice versa
matchCatToFeatMatch categories with features from geodata
meMy user entity
mergeMerge a CrunchDataFrame
mergeForkMerge changes to a dataset from a fork
modifyWeightVariablesChange which variables can be set as a dataset's weight.
moveLastElementMove and delete last element of a vector This moves the last...
multitable-catalogMultitable entities for a dataset
mvFunctions to manipulate variables' or project's folder...
na-omit-categoriesOmit missing categories
newDatasetUpload data to Crunch to make a new dataset
newDatasetByColumnUpload a data.frame column-by-column to make a new dataset
newDatasetFromFileUpload a file to Crunch to make a new dataset
newDeckCreate an empty Crunch Deck
newFilterCreate a new filter
newMultitableCreate a new Multitable
newProjectCreate a new project
newSlideAppend a new slide to a Crunch Deck
notifyIfNewVersionSee if there's a new version of the package on GitHub
noTransformsRemove transformations from a CrunchCube
orderingGet and set VariableOrder
ownersSee who owns these datasets
pendingStreamGet the pending streams for a dataset
permissionsSee who has access to a dataset
pkGet and set the primary key for a Crunch dataset
pollProgressCheck a Crunch progress URL until it finishes
populationGet and set the market size for Crunch datasets
preCrunchBoxCheckCheck if a dataset will make a good CrunchBox
prepareDataForCrunchTranslate a data.frame to Crunch format
project-iconGet or set a project's icon
projectsGet the project catalog
refreshGet a fresh copy from the server
removeEmptyGroupsRemove OrderGroups with no entities
reorderSlidesReorder slides in a CrunchDeck
replaceCharWithNumericTransform character vectors into indices
replaceMissingWithTRUEReplace missing elements with TRUE
resetPasswordReset your password
restoreVersionRestore a dataset to a previously saved version
rmdirDelete a folder
saveVersionCreate a new saved version
scoreCatToFeatScore similarity between a feature dataframe and categories
searchDatasetsSearch Crunch for datasets.
selfGet the URL of this object
serialPasteMake a prose list
sessionGet various catalogs for your Crunch session
session-extractExtract catalogs from a Session object
setCrunchAPIChange which server to point to
set_crunch_configSet or modify general Crunch API request configuration
setEntitySlotBase setter for Crunch objects
setNameChange the name of the current folder
setNamesChange the name of the entities in a catalog
setOrderChange the order of entities in folder
settingsView and modify dataset-level settings
shareShare a dataset
shojifyDatasetMetadataWrap variable metadata inside a dataset entity
shoji-indexGet the body of a Catalog
ShojiObject-classMix-in class for multiple inheritance of variables and...
ShojiOrder-extractExtract and update in VariableOrders and VariableGroups
ShojiOrder-lengthLength of an Order
ShojiOrder-slotsManipulate VariableGroup and VariableOrder
shojiURLGet a resource URL from a Shoji Object
show-crunchShow methods for Crunch objects
showTransformsShow transformations on a Crunch object
skipMissingCategoriesHandle missing categories in CrunchCube
slidesAccess the slides of a CrunchDeck
SO_schemaSchema for the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey
SO_surveyR users who responded to the 2017 Stack Overflow developer...
streamingSet the streaming property of a dataset
streamRowsStream data to a Crunch dataset
SubtotalsHeadingsSubtotals and headings
subtypeInsertionConvert from Insertion to Insertion subtypes
SubvariablesSubvariables in Array Variables
subvars-extractExtract and modify subsets of subvariables
SummaryStatSummary insertions
tabBookCompute a Tab Book
tabbook-methodsTabBookResult and MultitableResult methods
tableTable function for Crunch objects
team-sharingShare Crunch assets with a team
temp.optionsSet some global options temporarily
tojson-crunchtoJSON methods for Crunch objects
tokenAuthAdd an auth token as a cookie manually
toVariableGeneric method for converting objects to Crunch...
TransformsTransformations of variable and cube views
translateCubeIndexTranslate user facing cube subset to programmatic cube subset
translateHiddenTranslate provided index to an index which accounts for...
tuple-methodsMethods for ShojiTuples
typeChange Crunch variable types
unbindSplit an array or multiple-response variable into its...
unshareRevoke a user's access to a dataset
urlsGet the URLs contained in a Catalog or Order object
user-emailExtract the email from a User Entity
usersGet information about users who have access to a dataset
validateNamesInDimserror iff the names are not a dimension in the cube provided
var-categoriesGet and set Categories on Variables
variable-as-methodsas.* methods for variables
VariableCatalogCollection of Variables within a Dataset
VariableDefinitionConstruct a variable definition
variable-extract"Subset" a Variable
variableMetadataGet all variable metadata for a dataset
VariableOrderOrganize Variables within a Dataset
variablesAccess a catalog of variables
variable-to-RConvert Variables to local R objects
variable-updateUpdate variables with expressions or values
versionsAccess the saved versions of a dataset
webAppView a Crunch Object in the Web Application
weightDataset weights
weightVariablesGet a dataset's weightVariables
which"which" method for CrunchLogicalExpr
with-context-managerContext manager's "with" method
write.csv.gzWrite CSV to a compressed file
writePreparedDataPersist to disk a prepared data.frame and metadata
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