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The ‘fmri_mask.nii.gz’ dataset defines the mask used in the fMRI analysis for ‘fmri_filtered_data.nii.gz’. The mask used here is an all-brain mask; it just removes non-brain regions, as the result of applying a brain extraction tool to the ‘fmri.nii.gz’ dataset. However, other masks may be defined to select regions of interest (ROIs).


The file ‘fmri_mask.nii.gz’ is in gzipped NIFTI format. The R-package oro.nifti is required by cudaBayesreg to read gunzipped NIFTI files. This file may be obtained from ‘fmri.nii.gz’ by applying FSL/FEAT of FSL/BET pre-processing tools. Similar preparation procedures for fMRI datasets are available in the SPM toolbox (


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