Man pages for cvam
Coarsened Variable Modeling

abortion2000Abortion Attitudes from the 2000 General Social Survey
anova.cvamComparing the Fit of Two or More Models
baseLevelsGet Coarsened Factor Attributes
cig2019Cigarette Use from the 2019 National Health Interview Survey
coarsenedCoarsened Factors
crimeCrime Victimization Data
cvamLog-Linear Models for Incomplete Categorical Variables
cvamControlControl Parameters for 'cvam'
cvamEstimateObtain Estimated Probabilities from a Fitted Model
cvamImputeImpute Data from a Fitted Model
cvamlikLikelihood of Observed Data Patterns
cvam-packageCoarsened Variable Modeling
cvamPredictPredict Missing or Coarsened Values from a Fitted Model
cvamPriorData-Augmentation Prior for Coarsened Factor Loglinear Model
dropCoarseLevelsRemove Coarse Levels from a Coarsened Factor
get.coefExtract Information from a Coarsened-Variable Model
hivtestHIV test dataset
is.naCoarsenedMissing-Value Indicators for Coarsened Factors
latentFactorLatent Factor
microUCBAdmissionsUC Berkeley Graduate Admissions Microdata
miInferenceCombine results from analyses after multiple imputation
seatbeltSeatbelt Data
summary.cvamSummarize a 'cvam' object
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