cwhmisc: Miscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools

Miscellaneous useful or interesting functions. Some parameters of functions may have changed, so beware!

AuthorChristian W. Hoffmann <> <>
Date of publication2015-08-03 12:09:33
MaintainerChristian W. Hoffmann <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adaptlob: Numerically evaluate integral using adaptive rules.

arcs: Convert and reduce arcs

astroC: Astronomical constants

astroGeo: Convert geographical coordinates to and from Swiss topo...

caplow: Change case of strings Clean a matrix or data frame of rows or columns of containing...

clocksense: Functions for directed arcs

const: Constants

coords: convert coordinates, angles, simple vector operations

cpos: Find the position of a substring

cwhmisc-internal: Functions not to be called directliy by the user.

cwhmisc-package: A collection of useful functions and constants

date: calender conversions

datetime: Show date and time in ISO format

dcmpf: Convert number for table columns, for equations

Ddim: dim of vectors and arrays

delayt: Waiting loop for program execution

delstr: Delete a substring from a string

digits: Test, convert numbers

div.prot: Protected division

dt2str: Convert time difference to string.

ellipse: Generate ellipses

eql: Check on equality, including NA==NA and NaN==NaN.

factor: Create primes, factor an integer, combine factors, check if...

FinneyCorr: Finney's correction to log normally distributed data,...

f.log: Determine an optimized offset s and return log10(data+s).

format.fix: Format to a fixed format representation

frac: Fractional part of number, continuous fractions

functions: Functions for testing and other

grepnot: Grep utility

Halton: Halton's quasi-random numbers

hours: convert hours

int2: convert integers, string to integer wector

interpol: Polynomial and rational interpolation

invgauss: Inverse Gaussian Distribution

is.constant: is.constant

jitter: Jitter vector containing NA

libs: List all installed packages, or all functions in a package

Lowess.groups: Plot data in groups, each group with separate lowess...

lpr: Print an object

ls.function: List available functions

mult.fig.p: Plot Setup for multiple plot, incl. main title

my.table: Tabulate data, with extra rows and columns.

n22dig: Show vector or matrix (of 0 <= x <=10) in a compact way

n2c: Show absolute values as characters, prepare for plotting

normalize: base power and multiplier

num2Latex: Convert numeric containing e+-power

numberof: Count the number elements that satisfy a condition.

numer: Number theoretic functions

num.ident: Check numerical values for identity

operators: Paste(infix)

padding: Padding a string with justification

panel: Alternative panel functions for lattice plots

paste.round: Paste rounded values

plotSymbols: Plot symbols, colours, and allow to choose

plt: Plot depending on switch, Create multiple plots with title...

pointfit: Least squares fit of point clouds, or the 'Procrustes'...

prinq: Print without square brackets, expression values together...

progress.meter: Monitor the progress of a repetitive calculation.

qnorm.appr: Approximation to the inverse normal distribution function.

RCA: Check, build, install package in a unified manner.

remove.dup.rows: Remove duplicate rows

replacechar: Replace a character in a string by another

scode: Generate the significance codes as in summary.lm

select.range: Select values from a vector depending on a range in a second...

seqm: sequences, empty if "by" not conforming

shapiro.wilk.test: Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test

signp: Sign Function

smoothed.df: Fit cumulative distribution from kernel estimate.

t3plot: T3plot

tex.table: Convert a data matrix into LaTeX code.

tri: Ternary or Triangular Plots.

waitReturn: Wait for <Return>

whole.number: Check an array on whole numbers (x in I).

w.median: Weighted median

Files in this package

cwhmisc/R/plt.R cwhmisc/R/libs.R cwhmisc/R/grepnot.R cwhmisc/R/eql.R cwhmisc/R/panel.R cwhmisc/R/w.median.R cwhmisc/R/padding.R cwhmisc/R/operators.R cwhmisc/R/dcmpf.R cwhmisc/R/Lowess.groups.R cwhmisc/R/tri.R cwhmisc/R/seqm.R cwhmisc/R/date.R cwhmisc/R/int2.R cwhmisc/R/replacechar.R cwhmisc/R/is.constant.R cwhmisc/R/t3plot.R cwhmisc/R/delstr.R cwhmisc/R/div.prot.R cwhmisc/R/scode.R cwhmisc/R/whole.number.R cwhmisc/R/signp.R cwhmisc/R/astroGeo.R cwhmisc/R/ cwhmisc/R/cpos.R cwhmisc/R/RCA.R cwhmisc/R/numberof.R cwhmisc/R/smoothed.df.R cwhmisc/R/hours.R cwhmisc/R/format.fix.R cwhmisc/R/pointfit.R cwhmisc/R/delayt.R cwhmisc/R/Ddim.R cwhmisc/R/qnorm.appr.R cwhmisc/R/my.table.R cwhmisc/R/interpol.R cwhmisc/R/FinneyCorr.R cwhmisc/R/shapiro.wilk.test.R cwhmisc/R/waitReturn.R cwhmisc/R/prinq.R cwhmisc/R/factor.R cwhmisc/R/ellipse.R cwhmisc/R/functions.R cwhmisc/R/coords.R cwhmisc/R/mult.fig.p.R cwhmisc/R/arcs.R cwhmisc/R/numer.R cwhmisc/R/num2Latex.R cwhmisc/R/digits.R cwhmisc/R/caplow.R cwhmisc/R/progress.meter.R cwhmisc/R/dt2str.R cwhmisc/R/f.log.R cwhmisc/R/datetime.R cwhmisc/R/select.range.R cwhmisc/R/remove.dup.rows.R cwhmisc/R/lpr.R cwhmisc/R/clocksense.R cwhmisc/R/paste.round.R cwhmisc/R/n22dig.R cwhmisc/R/frac.R cwhmisc/R/normalize.R cwhmisc/R/Halton.R cwhmisc/R/adaptlob.R cwhmisc/R/num.ident.R cwhmisc/R/n2c.R cwhmisc/R/jitter.R cwhmisc/R/invgauss.R cwhmisc/R/ls.function.R cwhmisc/R/astroC.R cwhmisc/R/plotSymbols.R cwhmisc/R/tex.table.R cwhmisc/R/const.R
cwhmisc/man/select.range.Rd cwhmisc/man/my.table.Rd cwhmisc/man/padding.Rd cwhmisc/man/caplow.Rd cwhmisc/man/replacechar.Rd cwhmisc/man/num2Latex.Rd cwhmisc/man/cwhmisc-internal.Rd cwhmisc/man/w.median.Rd cwhmisc/man/plotSymbols.Rd cwhmisc/man/delayt.Rd cwhmisc/man/tex.table.Rd cwhmisc/man/div.prot.Rd cwhmisc/man/smoothed.df.Rd cwhmisc/man/jitter.Rd cwhmisc/man/FinneyCorr.Rd cwhmisc/man/astroC.Rd cwhmisc/man/ls.function.Rd cwhmisc/man/seqm.Rd cwhmisc/man/ellipse.Rd cwhmisc/man/waitReturn.Rd cwhmisc/man/t3plot.Rd cwhmisc/man/hours.Rd cwhmisc/man/invgauss.Rd cwhmisc/man/Lowess.groups.Rd cwhmisc/man/numer.Rd cwhmisc/man/arcs.Rd cwhmisc/man/paste.round.Rd cwhmisc/man/lpr.Rd cwhmisc/man/Halton.Rd cwhmisc/man/numberof.Rd cwhmisc/man/RCA.Rd cwhmisc/man/int2.Rd cwhmisc/man/coords.Rd cwhmisc/man/cpos.Rd cwhmisc/man/grepnot.Rd cwhmisc/man/is.constant.Rd cwhmisc/man/libs.Rd cwhmisc/man/dcmpf.Rd cwhmisc/man/signp.Rd cwhmisc/man/cwhmisc-package.Rd cwhmisc/man/adaptlob.Rd cwhmisc/man/operators.Rd cwhmisc/man/clocksense.Rd cwhmisc/man/const.Rd cwhmisc/man/datetime.Rd cwhmisc/man/plt.Rd cwhmisc/man/panel.Rd cwhmisc/man/num.ident.Rd cwhmisc/man/digits.Rd cwhmisc/man/progress.meter.Rd cwhmisc/man/delstr.Rd cwhmisc/man/pointfit.Rd cwhmisc/man/frac.Rd cwhmisc/man/tri.Rd cwhmisc/man/mult.fig.p.Rd cwhmisc/man/interpol.Rd cwhmisc/man/n2c.Rd cwhmisc/man/shapiro.wilk.test.Rd cwhmisc/man/normalize.Rd cwhmisc/man/functions.Rd cwhmisc/man/eql.Rd cwhmisc/man/format.fix.Rd cwhmisc/man/factor.Rd cwhmisc/man/prinq.Rd cwhmisc/man/scode.Rd cwhmisc/man/ cwhmisc/man/astroGeo.Rd cwhmisc/man/n22dig.Rd cwhmisc/man/date.Rd cwhmisc/man/f.log.Rd cwhmisc/man/qnorm.appr.Rd cwhmisc/man/dt2str.Rd cwhmisc/man/Ddim.Rd cwhmisc/man/whole.number.Rd cwhmisc/man/remove.dup.rows.Rd

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