cwhmisc: Miscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools

Miscellaneous useful or interesting functions. Some parameters of functions may have changed, so beware!

AuthorChristian W. Hoffmann <> <>
Date of publication2015-08-03 12:09:33
MaintainerChristian W. Hoffmann <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adaptlob: Numerically evaluate integral using adaptive rules.

arcs: Convert and reduce arcs

astroC: Astronomical constants

astroGeo: Convert geographical coordinates to and from Swiss topo...

caplow: Change case of strings Clean a matrix or data frame of rows or columns of containing...

clocksense: Functions for directed arcs

const: Constants

coords: convert coordinates, angles, simple vector operations

cpos: Find the position of a substring

cwhmisc-internal: Functions not to be called directliy by the user.

cwhmisc-package: A collection of useful functions and constants

date: calender conversions

datetime: Show date and time in ISO format

dcmpf: Convert number for table columns, for equations

Ddim: dim of vectors and arrays

delayt: Waiting loop for program execution

delstr: Delete a substring from a string

digits: Test, convert numbers

div.prot: Protected division

dt2str: Convert time difference to string.

ellipse: Generate ellipses

eql: Check on equality, including NA==NA and NaN==NaN.

factor: Create primes, factor an integer, combine factors, check if...

FinneyCorr: Finney's correction to log normally distributed data,...

f.log: Determine an optimized offset s and return log10(data+s).

format.fix: Format to a fixed format representation

frac: Fractional part of number, continuous fractions

functions: Functions for testing and other

grepnot: Grep utility

Halton: Halton's quasi-random numbers

hours: convert hours

int2: convert integers, string to integer wector

interpol: Polynomial and rational interpolation

invgauss: Inverse Gaussian Distribution

is.constant: is.constant

jitter: Jitter vector containing NA

libs: List all installed packages, or all functions in a package

Lowess.groups: Plot data in groups, each group with separate lowess...

lpr: Print an object

ls.function: List available functions

mult.fig.p: Plot Setup for multiple plot, incl. main title

my.table: Tabulate data, with extra rows and columns.

n22dig: Show vector or matrix (of 0 <= x <=10) in a compact way

n2c: Show absolute values as characters, prepare for plotting

normalize: base power and multiplier

num2Latex: Convert numeric containing e+-power

numberof: Count the number elements that satisfy a condition.

numer: Number theoretic functions

num.ident: Check numerical values for identity

operators: Paste(infix)

padding: Padding a string with justification

panel: Alternative panel functions for lattice plots

paste.round: Paste rounded values

plotSymbols: Plot symbols, colours, and allow to choose

plt: Plot depending on switch, Create multiple plots with title...

pointfit: Least squares fit of point clouds, or the 'Procrustes'...

prinq: Print without square brackets, expression values together...

progress.meter: Monitor the progress of a repetitive calculation.

qnorm.appr: Approximation to the inverse normal distribution function.

RCA: Check, build, install package in a unified manner.

remove.dup.rows: Remove duplicate rows

replacechar: Replace a character in a string by another

scode: Generate the significance codes as in summary.lm

select.range: Select values from a vector depending on a range in a second...

seqm: sequences, empty if "by" not conforming

shapiro.wilk.test: Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test

signp: Sign Function

smoothed.df: Fit cumulative distribution from kernel estimate.

t3plot: T3plot

tex.table: Convert a data matrix into LaTeX code.

tri: Ternary or Triangular Plots.

waitReturn: Wait for <Return>

whole.number: Check an array on whole numbers (x in I).

w.median: Weighted median


\%+\% Man page
adaptlob Man page
.adaptlobstp Man page
adaptsim Man page
.adaptsimstp Man page
allDigits Man page
angle Man page
ASCII Man page
availColors Man page
c38 Man page
c3Q Man page
cAE Man page
cap Man page
capitalize Man page
CapLeading Man page
capply Man page
catn Man page
cC Man page
cEPSOBL Man page
charMat Man page
chsvd Man page
cJDJ2000 Man page
cK Man page Man page
ClockSense2 Man page
ClockSense3 Man page
Clockwise Man page
cMY Man page
conf.ellipse Man page
contfrac Man page
CounterClock Man page
cpos Man page
cposR Man page
cPRECESS Man page
cRE Man page
cSBYE Man page
cSBYEMY Man page
cSBYJU Man page
cSBYMA Man page
cSBYME Man page
cSBYNE Man page
cSBYPL Man page
cSBYSA Man page
cSBYUR Man page
cSBYVE Man page
cSIDBYSOL Man page
cSOLBYSID Man page
cwhmisc Man page
cwhmisc-internal Man page
cwhmisc-package Man page
Dat2Jul Man page
datetime Man page
dc Man page
dcn Man page
Ddim Man page
deg Man page
delayt Man page
delstr Man page
dinvgauss Man page
divmod Man page
div.prot Man page
Dnames Man page
DPY Man page
dsm Man page
dt2str Man page
ellipse1 Man page
eql Man page
equal Man page
equalFuzzy Man page
Eratosthenes Man page
Euclid Man page
EulerPhi Man page
evalcfr Man page
evalInterp Man page
explainLegend Man page
factorN Man page
FC.lm Man page
FinneyCorr Man page
f.log Man page
formatFix Man page
frac Man page
gcd Man page
getAp Man page
GreatestIntAsRealF Man page
grepnot Man page
Halton Man page
Hd Man page
Hdms Man page
HexDig Man page
histRCT Man page
Hms Man page
Hmsd Man page
HS247 Man page
indexLine Man page
inrange Man page
int Man page
intToASCII Man page
intToBase Man page
intToHex Man page
intToOct Man page
Inv Man page
is.constant Man page
IsCounterCl2 Man page
IsCounterCl3 Man page
isNumeric Man page Man page
jitterNA Man page
Jul2Dat Man page
LatBerne Man page
LB2MK Man page
LB2YX Man page
libs Man page
LongBerne Man page
lower Man page
lowerize Man page
lowess.bygroup Man page
lpr Man page
ls.functions Man page
lV Man page
mdiny Man page
minInterp Man page
Mnames Man page
mod Man page
modexp Man page
modR Man page
modS Man page
monthsN Man page
mpf Man page
mult.fig.p Man page
mydate Man page
my.table.margin Man page
my.table.NA Man page
mytime Man page
n22dig Man page
n2c Man page
n2cCompact Man page
NoneClock Man page
normalize Man page
NprinE Man page
NprinL Man page
NprinM Man page
NprinP Man page
NprinT Man page
NprinV Man page
num2Latex Man page
numberof Man page
num.ident Man page
one Man page
onebyx Man page
padding Man page
panel.cor Man page
panel.hist Man page
pasteRound Man page
pinvgauss Man page
plotSymbols Man page
plotSymbolsFonts Man page
pltCharMat Man page
pltRCT Man page
pn Man page
pointfit Man page
powr Man page
primes Man page
PRIMES Man page
prinE Man page
prinL Man page
prinM Man page
prinP Man page
prinT Man page
printP Man page
prinV Man page
prodN Man page
progress.meter Man page
qinvgauss Man page
qnorm.ap16 Man page
qnorm.app3 Man page
qnorm.app4 Man page
quadmin Man page
quotmean Man page
R2.lm Man page
rad Man page
RCA Man page
reda Man page
reda2 Man page
remove.dup.rows Man page
replacechar Man page
rinvgauss Man page
rotA Man page
rotL Man page
rotV Man page
rotZ Man page
\%s\% Man page
safeDiv Man page
scm Man page
scode Man page
scprod Man page
select.range Man page
seqm Man page
setupInterp Man page
shapiro.wilk.test Man page
signp Man page
s.lm Man page
smoothed.df Man page
solveQeq Man page
SplomT Man page
sqr Man page
str2dig Man page
submod Man page
summaryFs Man page
T3plot Man page
TAU Man page
tex.tab0 Man page
tex.table Man page
toCFrac Man page
toCFrac2 Man page
toPol Man page
toRec Man page
toSph Man page
toXyz Man page
triplot Man page
\%v\% Man page
vecprod Man page
waitReturn Man page
Wday Man page
whole.number Man page
w.median Man page
xToBase Man page
xToNorthBerne Man page
Yday Man page
yToEastBerne Man page
YX2LB Man page
YX2MK Man page
zero Man page


cwhmisc/R/plt.R cwhmisc/R/libs.R cwhmisc/R/grepnot.R cwhmisc/R/eql.R cwhmisc/R/panel.R cwhmisc/R/w.median.R cwhmisc/R/padding.R cwhmisc/R/operators.R cwhmisc/R/dcmpf.R cwhmisc/R/Lowess.groups.R cwhmisc/R/tri.R cwhmisc/R/seqm.R cwhmisc/R/date.R cwhmisc/R/int2.R cwhmisc/R/replacechar.R cwhmisc/R/is.constant.R cwhmisc/R/t3plot.R cwhmisc/R/delstr.R cwhmisc/R/div.prot.R cwhmisc/R/scode.R cwhmisc/R/whole.number.R cwhmisc/R/signp.R cwhmisc/R/astroGeo.R cwhmisc/R/ cwhmisc/R/cpos.R cwhmisc/R/RCA.R cwhmisc/R/numberof.R cwhmisc/R/smoothed.df.R cwhmisc/R/hours.R cwhmisc/R/format.fix.R cwhmisc/R/pointfit.R cwhmisc/R/delayt.R cwhmisc/R/Ddim.R cwhmisc/R/qnorm.appr.R cwhmisc/R/my.table.R cwhmisc/R/interpol.R cwhmisc/R/FinneyCorr.R cwhmisc/R/shapiro.wilk.test.R cwhmisc/R/waitReturn.R cwhmisc/R/prinq.R cwhmisc/R/factor.R cwhmisc/R/ellipse.R cwhmisc/R/functions.R cwhmisc/R/coords.R cwhmisc/R/mult.fig.p.R cwhmisc/R/arcs.R cwhmisc/R/numer.R cwhmisc/R/num2Latex.R cwhmisc/R/digits.R cwhmisc/R/caplow.R cwhmisc/R/progress.meter.R cwhmisc/R/dt2str.R cwhmisc/R/f.log.R cwhmisc/R/datetime.R cwhmisc/R/select.range.R cwhmisc/R/remove.dup.rows.R cwhmisc/R/lpr.R cwhmisc/R/clocksense.R cwhmisc/R/paste.round.R cwhmisc/R/n22dig.R cwhmisc/R/frac.R cwhmisc/R/normalize.R cwhmisc/R/Halton.R cwhmisc/R/adaptlob.R cwhmisc/R/num.ident.R cwhmisc/R/n2c.R cwhmisc/R/jitter.R cwhmisc/R/invgauss.R cwhmisc/R/ls.function.R cwhmisc/R/astroC.R cwhmisc/R/plotSymbols.R cwhmisc/R/tex.table.R cwhmisc/R/const.R
cwhmisc/man/select.range.Rd cwhmisc/man/my.table.Rd cwhmisc/man/padding.Rd cwhmisc/man/caplow.Rd cwhmisc/man/replacechar.Rd cwhmisc/man/num2Latex.Rd cwhmisc/man/cwhmisc-internal.Rd cwhmisc/man/w.median.Rd cwhmisc/man/plotSymbols.Rd cwhmisc/man/delayt.Rd cwhmisc/man/tex.table.Rd cwhmisc/man/div.prot.Rd cwhmisc/man/smoothed.df.Rd cwhmisc/man/jitter.Rd cwhmisc/man/FinneyCorr.Rd cwhmisc/man/astroC.Rd cwhmisc/man/ls.function.Rd cwhmisc/man/seqm.Rd cwhmisc/man/ellipse.Rd cwhmisc/man/waitReturn.Rd cwhmisc/man/t3plot.Rd cwhmisc/man/hours.Rd cwhmisc/man/invgauss.Rd cwhmisc/man/Lowess.groups.Rd cwhmisc/man/numer.Rd cwhmisc/man/arcs.Rd cwhmisc/man/paste.round.Rd cwhmisc/man/lpr.Rd cwhmisc/man/Halton.Rd cwhmisc/man/numberof.Rd cwhmisc/man/RCA.Rd cwhmisc/man/int2.Rd cwhmisc/man/coords.Rd cwhmisc/man/cpos.Rd cwhmisc/man/grepnot.Rd cwhmisc/man/is.constant.Rd cwhmisc/man/libs.Rd cwhmisc/man/dcmpf.Rd cwhmisc/man/signp.Rd cwhmisc/man/cwhmisc-package.Rd cwhmisc/man/adaptlob.Rd cwhmisc/man/operators.Rd cwhmisc/man/clocksense.Rd cwhmisc/man/const.Rd cwhmisc/man/datetime.Rd cwhmisc/man/plt.Rd cwhmisc/man/panel.Rd cwhmisc/man/num.ident.Rd cwhmisc/man/digits.Rd cwhmisc/man/progress.meter.Rd cwhmisc/man/delstr.Rd cwhmisc/man/pointfit.Rd cwhmisc/man/frac.Rd cwhmisc/man/tri.Rd cwhmisc/man/mult.fig.p.Rd cwhmisc/man/interpol.Rd cwhmisc/man/n2c.Rd cwhmisc/man/shapiro.wilk.test.Rd cwhmisc/man/normalize.Rd cwhmisc/man/functions.Rd cwhmisc/man/eql.Rd cwhmisc/man/format.fix.Rd cwhmisc/man/factor.Rd cwhmisc/man/prinq.Rd cwhmisc/man/scode.Rd cwhmisc/man/ cwhmisc/man/astroGeo.Rd cwhmisc/man/n22dig.Rd cwhmisc/man/date.Rd cwhmisc/man/f.log.Rd cwhmisc/man/qnorm.appr.Rd cwhmisc/man/dt2str.Rd cwhmisc/man/Ddim.Rd cwhmisc/man/whole.number.Rd cwhmisc/man/remove.dup.rows.Rd

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