dae: Functions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments

The content falls into the following groupings: (i) Data, (ii) Factor manipulation functions, (iii) Design functions, (iv) ANOVA functions, (v) Matrix functions, (vi) Projector and canonical efficiency functions, and (vii) Miscellaneous functions. A document 'daeDesignRandomization.pdf', available in the doc subdirectory of the installation directory for 'dae', describes the use of the package for generating randomized layouts for experiments. The ANOVA functions facilitate the extraction of information when the 'Error' function has been used in the call to 'aov'.

AuthorChris Brien <Chris.Brien@unisa.edu.au>.
Date of publication2016-09-16 07:13:37
MaintainerChris Brien <Chris.Brien@unisa.edu.au>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ABC.Interact.dat: Randomly generated set of values indexed by three factors

Ameasures: Calculates the A-optimality measures from the variance matrix...

as.numfac: Convert a factor to a numeric vector

blockboundary.plot: This function plots a block boundary on a plot produced by...

blockboundaryPlot: This function plots a block boundary on a plot produced by...

correct.degfree: Check the degrees of freedom in an object of class projector

dae-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in Package dae

dae-package: Functions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments

decomp.relate: Examines the relationship between the eigenvectors for two...

degfree: Degrees of freedom extraction and replacement

designLatinSqrSys: Generate a systematic plan for a Latin Square design

design.plot: This function plots treatments within a matrix. It is being...

designPlot: This function is used to give a graphical representation of...

detect.diff: Computes the detectable difference for an experiment

efficiencies.p2canon: Extracts the canonical efficiency factors from a list of...

efficiencies.pcanon: Extracts the canonical efficiency factors from a list of...

efficiency.criteria: Computes efficiency criteria from a set of efficiency factors

elements: Extract the elements of an array specified by the subscripts

extab: Expands the values in table to a vector

Fac4Proc.dat: Data for a 2^4 factorial experiment

fac.ar1mat: forms the ar1 correlation matrix for a (generalized) factor

fac.combine: Combines several factors into one

fac.divide: Divides a factor into several individual factors

fac.gen: Generate all combinations of several factors

fac.layout: Generate a randomized layout for an experiment

fac.match: Match, for each combination of a set of columns in 'x', the...

fac.meanop: computes the projection matrix that produces means

fac.nested: creates a factor whose values are generated within those of...

fac.recode: Recodes factor 'levels' using values in a vector. The values...

fac.sumop: computes the summation matrix that produces sums...

fac.vcmat: forms the variance matrix for the variance component of a...

fitted.aovlist: Extract the fitted values for a fitted model from an aovlist...

fitted.errors: Extract the fitted values for a fitted model

get.daeTolerance: Gets the value of daeTolerance for the package dae

harmonic.mean: Calcuates the harmonic mean.

interaction.ABC.plot: Plots an interaction plot for three factors

is.allzero: Tests whether all elements are approximately zero

is.projector: Tests whether an object is a valid object of class projector

mat.ar1: Forms an ar1 correlation matrix

mat.ar2: Forms an ar2 correlation matrix

mat.ar3: Forms an ar3 correlation matrix

mat.arma: Forms an arma correlation matrix

mat.banded: Form a banded matrix from a vector of values

mat.dirprod: Forms the direct product of two matrices

mat.dirsum: Forms the direct sum of a list of matrices

mat.exp: Forms an exponential correlation matrix

mat.I: Forms a unit matrix

mat.J: Forms a square matrix of ones

mat.ma1: Forms an ma1 correlation matrix

mat.ma2: Forms an ma2 correlation matrix

mat.sar2: Forms an sar2 correlation matrix

mat.Vpred: Calculates the variances of a set of predicted effects from a...

meanop: computes the projection matrix that produces means

mpone: Converts the first two levels of a factor into the numeric...

no.reps: Computes the number of replicates for an experiment

power.exp: Computes the power for an experiment

print.projector: Print projectors

print.summary.p2canon: Prints the values in an 'summary.p2canon' object

print.summary.pcanon: Prints the values in an 'summary.pcanon' object

proj2.combine: Compute the projection and Residual operators for two,...

proj2.efficiency: Computes the canonical efficiency factors for the joint...

proj2.eigen: Canonical efficiency factors and eigenvectors in joint...

projector: Create projectors

projector-class: Class projector

projs.2canon: A canonical analysis of the relationships between two sets of...

projs.canon: A canonical analysis of the relationships between sets of...

projs.combine.p2canon: Extract, from a p2canon object, the projectors that give the...

projs.structure: orthogonalized projectors for the terms in a formula

qqyeffects: Half or full normal plot of Yates effects

resid.errors: Extract the residuals for a fitted model

residuals.aovlist: Extract the residuals from an aovlist object

rmvnorm: generates a vector of random values from a multivariate...

Sensory3Phase.dat: Data for the three-pahse sensory evaluation experiment in...

set.daeTolerance: Sets the values of daeTolerance for the package dae

show-methods: Methods for Function show in Package dae

SPLGrass.dat: Data for an experiment to investigate the effects of grazing...

strength: Generate paper strength values

summary.p2canon: Summarize a canonical analysis of the relationships between...

summary.pcanon: Summarize a canonical analysis of the relationships between...

tukey.1df: Performs Tukey's one-degree-of-freedom-test-for-nonadditivity

yates.effects: Extract Yates effects

Files in this package

dae/man/as.numfac.Rd dae/man/rmvnorm.Rd dae/man/blockboundaryPlot.Rd dae/man/mat.dirsum.Rd dae/man/proj2.eigen.Rd dae/man/yates.effects.Rd dae/man/proj2.combine.Rd dae/man/mat.J.Rd dae/man/residuals.aovlist.Rd dae/man/harmonic.mean.Rd dae/man/qqyeffects.Rd dae/man/fac.sumop.Rd dae/man/decomp.relate.Rd dae/man/mat.ma2.Rd dae/man/fac.match.Rd dae/man/mat.ar1.Rd dae/man/Fac4Proc.dat.Rd dae/man/mat.sar2.Rd dae/man/projector.Rd dae/man/dae-package.Rd dae/man/Ameasures.Rd dae/man/designPlot.Rd dae/man/mat.ar3.Rd dae/man/projs.canon.Rd dae/man/proj2.efficiency.Rd dae/man/projs.combine.p2canon.Rd dae/man/tukey.1df.Rd dae/man/fitted.aovlist.Rd dae/man/design.plot.Rd dae/man/efficiencies.pcanon.Rd dae/man/fac.nested.Rd dae/man/fac.recode.Rd dae/man/fac.combine.Rd dae/man/fac.vcmat.Rd dae/man/print.summary.pcanon.Rd dae/man/projs.structure.Rd dae/man/print.summary.p2canon.Rd dae/man/ABC.Interact.dat.Rd dae/man/mat.I.Rd dae/man/fac.divide.Rd dae/man/fac.ar1mat.Rd dae/man/Sensory3Phase.dat.Rd dae/man/blockboundary.plot.Rd dae/man/mat.ma1.Rd dae/man/is.allzero.Rd dae/man/SPLGrass.dat.Rd dae/man/fac.gen.Rd dae/man/designLatinSqrSys.Rd dae/man/interaction.ABC.plot.Rd dae/man/projs.2canon.Rd dae/man/elements.Rd dae/man/degfree.Rd dae/man/summary.p2canon.Rd dae/man/mat.exp.Rd dae/man/extab.Rd dae/man/mat.banded.Rd dae/man/fitted.errors.Rd dae/man/efficiency.criteria.Rd dae/man/mat.ar2.Rd dae/man/detect.diff.Rd dae/man/projector-class.Rd dae/man/get.daeTolerance.Rd dae/man/is.projector.Rd dae/man/mat.dirprod.Rd dae/man/mat.arma.Rd dae/man/mpone.Rd dae/man/meanop.Rd dae/man/resid.errors.Rd dae/man/dae-deprecated.Rd dae/man/print.projector.Rd dae/man/efficiencies.p2canon.Rd dae/man/fac.meanop.Rd dae/man/fac.layout.Rd dae/man/correct.degfree.Rd dae/man/power.exp.Rd dae/man/set.daeTolerance.Rd dae/man/strength.Rd dae/man/no.reps.Rd dae/man/show-methods.Rd dae/man/mat.Vpred.Rd dae/man/summary.pcanon.Rd

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