Defunct function(s) in the package

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These functions have been removed from the package.

A note on vs. dwapi

Most of these defunct functions are low-leve REST API endpoint wrappers and have been renamed for consistency and moved to the dwapi package in order to keep the namespce as clean as possible.

Details is replaced by set_config is replaced by query
addFile is now add_file
addFileBySource is now add_file_by_source
addFilesBySource is now add_files_by_source
createDataset is now create_dataset
deleteFileAndSyncSources is now delete_file
deleteFilesAndSyncSources is now delete_files
downloadFile is now download_file
downloadFileAsDataFrame is now download_file_as_data_frame
getDataset is now get_dataset
patchDataset is now update_dataset
replaceDataset is now replace_dataset
syncDataset is now sync
uploadDataFrame is now upload_data_frame
uploadFile is now upload_file
uploadFiles is now upload_files
DatasetCreateRequest is now dataset_create_request
DatasetPatchRequest is now dataset_update_request
DatasetPutRequest is now dataset_replace_request
FileBatchUpdateRequest is now file_batch_update_request
FileCreateOrUpdateRequest is now file_create_or_update_request

See Also

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