Man pages for dataMaid
A Suite of Checks for Identification of Potential Errors in a Data Frame as Part of the Data Screening Process

allCheckFunctionsOverview of all available checkFunctions
allClassesVector of all variable classes in 'dataMaid'
allSummaryFunctionsOverview of all available summaryFunctions
allVisualFunctionsOverview of all available visualFunctions
artDataSemi-artificial data about masterpieces of art
basicVisualProduce distribution plots in the base R (graphics) style...
basicVisualCFLBimportFrom stats na.omit
bigPresidentDataSemi-artificial data about the US presidents (extended...
centralValuesummaryFunction for central values
checkPerform checks of potential errors in variable/dataset
checkFunctionCreate an object of class checkFunction
checkResultCreate object of class checkResult
classesExtract the contents of the attribute 'classes'
countMissingSummary function for missing values
defaultCharacterChecksDefault checks for character variables
defaultCharacterSummariesDefault summary functions for character variables
defaultDateChecksDefault checks for Date variables
defaultDateSummariesDefault summary functions for Date variables
defaultFactorChecksDefault checks for factor variables
defaultFactorSummariesDefault summary functions for factor variables
defaultHavenlabelledChecksDefault checks for haven_labelled variables
defaultHavenlabelledSummariesDefault summary functions for haven_labelled variables
defaultIntegerChecksDefault checks for integer variables
defaultIntegerSummariesDefault summary functions for integer variables
defaultLabelledChecksDefault checks for labelled variables
defaultLabelledSummariesDefault summary functions for labelled variables
defaultLogicalChecksDefault checks for logical variables
defaultLogicalSummariesDefault summary functions for logical variables
defaultNumericChecksDefault checks for numeric variables
defaultNumericSummariesDefault summary functions for numeric variables
descriptionExtract the contents of the attribute 'description'
exampleDataExample data with zero-inflated variables
identifyCaseIssuesA checkFunction for identifying case issues
identifyLonersA checkFunction for identifying sparsely represented values...
identifyMissingA checkFunction for identifying miscoded missing values.
identifyNumsA checkFunction
identifyOutliersA checkFunction for identifying outliers
identifyOutliersTBStyleA checkFunction for identifying outliers Turkey Boxstole...
identifyWhitespaceA checkFunction for identifying whitespace
isCPRCheck if a variable consists of Danish CPR numbers
isKeyCheck if a variable qualifies as a key
isSingularCheck if a variable only contains a single value
isSupportedCheck if a variable has a class supported by dataMaid
makeCodebookProduce a data codebook
makeDataReportProduce a data report
messageGeneratorProduce a message for the output of a checkFunction
minMaxsummaryFunction for minimum and maximum
presidentDataSemi-artificial data about the US presidents
quartilessummaryFunction for quartiles
refCatsummaryFunction that finds reference level for factor...
renderSimplified Rmarkdown rendering
setChecksSet check arguments for makeDataReport
setSummariesSet summary arguments for makeDataReport
setVisualsSet visual arguments for makeDataReport
standardVisualProduce distribution plots using ggplot from ggplot2.
summarizeSummarize a variable/dataset
summaryFunctionCreate an object of class summaryFunction
summaryResultCreate object of class summaryResult
tableVisualProduce tables for the makeDataReport visualizations.
testDataExtended example data to test the features of dataMaid
toyDataSmall example data to show the features of dataMaid
uniqueValuessummaryFunction for unique values
variableTypeSummary function for original class
visualFunctionCreate an object of class visualFunction
visualizeProduce distribution plots
whoami_availableFind out if the whoami package binaries is installed (git +...
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