datamart: Unified access to your data sources

Provides an S4 infrastructure for unified handling of internal datasets and web based data sources. The package is currently in beta; things may break, change or go away without warning.

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AuthorKarsten Weinert
Date of publication2014-10-13 08:05:09
MaintainerKarsten Weinert <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

address_lookup: Reverse Geocoding: Adresse from Longitude and Latitude

allensbach: Election polls for Germany

as.character-methods: String representation of an Xdata object

Blogger-class: Location Class for Google's Blogger service

BlogPostTarget-class: A Target representing a blog post

city_coords: Longitude and Latitude for Cities

csvdata: Create CsvData object from data.frame

CsvData-class: CsvData - tabular data and its metadata

datamart: Combine resource into a mashup object

datamart-package: Unified interface to your data sources.

Dbpedia-class: A class for querying

dependencies-methods: Dependencies of a Xdata object

DirectoryLocation-class: Directory location

enipedia: Interface to the Enipedia Project

enipedia_countries: Translation map between Enipedia country codes and ISO Codes

evs2008.lvl2: German Income and Expenditure Survey 2008 on private...

expenditures: Elasticity of Private Households

FileTarget-class: FileTarget

gapminder: Gapminder data source.

google.oauth2: Google OAuth2 initial authentication

GoogleOAuth2-class: A class for managing Google OAuth2 workflow for installed...

InternalData-class: A class for querying data()sets

iwv_online: website traffic from IWV

localappdir: Platform-independent local app folder

Location-class: S4 base class to represent output Locations

MdFigure-class: MdFigure

MdReport-class: Buildable markdown report Information on objects in R environment

MemoryLocation2-class: S4 base class to represent output in Memory

MemoryLocation-class: S4 base class to represent output in Memory

meta-methods: Verbose list of resources

netConnectGermany: Basic Price Information on natural Gas in Germany

openei: Interface to the OpenEI platform

Pastebin-class: Pastebin

put-methods: Put a target

queries-methods: List resources

query-methods: Request data from data source

read.csvdata: Read CSV from local directory or Internet Refreshed Google OAuth2 authentication

resalias: Phony ResFunc Objects

resfunc: Constructor for ResFunc objects

ResFunc-class: ResFunc - A class representing a "calculated" resource

SftpLocation-class: SFTP location

show-methods: Show Method for Xdata classes

sourceforge: SourceForge - query stats for sourceforge projects

strcap: Capitalize a string

strdecrypt: Obfuscate string

strdehtml: Decode HTML entities

strencrypt: Obfuscate string

strhead: Get the first n letters

strparse: Parse named patterns

strrecode: Pattern-based recoding

strsubst: Named substitution in strings

strtail: Get the last n letters

SweaveReport-class: Wrapper for Sweave and pdf

Target-class: Buildable target

uconv: Convert between numerical units

uconvlist: List unitsets and their units

urldata: Constructor for UrlData objects

UrlData-class: UrlData - unified access to WWW resources

WebLocation-class: Web location

Xdata-class: Xdata - A class representing a data source

xsparql: Constructor for Xsparql

Xsparql-class: A class for querying SPARQL end points


address_lookup Man page
allensbach Man page
as.character Man page
as.character,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
as.character,FileTarget-method Man page
as.character,SftpLocation-method Man page
as.character,WebLocation-method Man page
blogger Man page
Blogger-class Man page
blogpost Man page
BlogPostTarget-class Man page
city_coords Man page
csvdata Man page
CsvData-class Man page
datamart Man page
datamart-package Man page
dbpedia Man page
Dbpedia-class Man page
dependencies Man page
dependencies,ResFunc-method Man page
dependencies,Xdata-method Man page
DirectoryLocation-class Man page
dirloc Man page
enipedia Man page
enipedia_countries Man page
evs2008.lvl2 Man page
expenditures Man page
filetarget Man page
FileTarget-class Man page
gapminder Man page
google.oauth2 Man page
GoogleOAuth2-class Man page
internalData Man page
InternalData-class Man page
iwv_online Man page
localappdir Man page
Location-class Man page
Mashup-class Man page
mdfigure Man page
MdFigure-class Man page
mdreport Man page
MdReport-class Man page Man page
memloc Man page
MemoryLocation2-class Man page
MemoryLocation-class Man page
meta Man page
meta,Blogger-method Man page
meta,CsvData-method Man page
meta,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
meta,InternalData-method Man page
meta,MemoryLocation2-method Man page
meta,Pastebin-method Man page
meta,SftpLocation-method Man page
meta,WebLocation-method Man page
meta,Xdata-method Man page
meta,Xsparql-method Man page
netConnectGermany Man page
openei Man page
pastebin Man page
Pastebin-class Man page
put Man page
put,BlogPostTarget,Blogger-method Man page
put,BlogPostTarget,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
put,BlogPostTarget,SftpLocation-method Man page
put,character,SftpLocation-method Man page
put,CsvData,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
put,CsvData,SftpLocation-method Man page
put,FileTarget,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
put,FileTarget,SftpLocation-method Man page
put,GoogleOAuth2,character-method Man page
put,MdFigure,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
put,MdFigure,MemoryLocation-method Man page
put,MdReport,Location-method Man page
put,SweaveReport,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
put,SweaveReport,missing-method Man page
put,Target,character-method Man page
put,Target,MemoryLocation2-method Man page
queries Man page
queries,CsvData-method Man page
queries,InternalData-method Man page
queries,Location-method Man page
queries,Mashup-method Man page
queries,MemoryLocation2-method Man page
queries,ResFunc-method Man page
queries,UrlData-method Man page
queries,Xdata-method Man page
queries,Xsparql-method Man page
query Man page
query,CsvData,character-method Man page
query,DirectoryLocation,character-method Man page
query,GoogleOAuth2,character-method Man page
query,InternalData,character-method Man page
query,Mashup,character-method Man page
query,MemoryLocation2,character-method Man page
query,Pastebin,character-method Man page
query,ResFunc,character-method Man page
query,SftpLocation,character-method Man page
query,UrlData,character-method Man page
query,WebLocation,character-method Man page
query,Xdata,character-method Man page
query,Xsparql,character-method Man page
read.csvdata Man page Man page
resalias Man page
resfunc Man page
ResFunc-class Man page
sftpdir Man page
SftpLocation-class Man page
show Man page
show,Blogger-method Man page
show,DirectoryLocation-method Man page
show,FileTarget-method Man page
show,Pastebin-method Man page
show,SftpLocation-method Man page
show,Target-method Man page
show,WebLocation-method Man page
show,Xdata-method Man page
sourceforge Man page
strcap Man page
strdecrypt Man page
strdehtml Man page
strencrypt Man page
strhead Man page
strparse Man page
strrecode Man page
strsubst Man page
strtail Man page
SweaveReport-class Man page
swvreport Man page
Target-class Man page
uconv Man page
uconvlist Man page
unitsetmanager Man page
UnitSetManager-class Man page
urldata Man page
UrlData-class Man page
webloc Man page
WebLocation-class Man page
Xdata-class Man page
xsparql Man page
Xsparql-class Man page


tests/test_strsubst.R tests/test_strxxcrypt.R
tests/test_strtail.R tests/test_strhead.R
R/110_SourceForge.R R/290_Pastebin.R R/245_BlogPostTarget.R R/037_OpenEI.R R/025_Xsparql.R R/102_evs2008.lvl2.R R/305_ResFun.R R/231_DirectoryLocation.R R/000_datamart-doc.r R/036_enipedia_countries.R R/999_rcheck_hack.R R/255_MdReport.R R/100_Evs.R R/252_MdFigure.R R/ R/004_query.R R/233_put.R R/240_SftpLocation.R R/080_iwv.R R/380_Sonntagsfrage.r R/010_as.character.R R/320_WebLocation.R R/002_meta.R R/300_NetConnectGermany.R R/385_GoogleOAuth2.R R/strexts.R R/235_MemoryLocation.R R/237_FileTarget.R R/006_Xdata.R R/260_SweaveReport.R R/335_CsvData.R R/003_dependencies.R R/232_Target.R R/220_UnitSetManager2.R R/090_Mashup.R R/390_Blogger.R R/035_Enipedia.R R/230_Location.R R/120_Gapminder.R R/030_Dbpedia.R R/005_queries.R R/localappdir.R R/065_UrlData.R R/270_CityCoords.R R/041_InternalData.R
man/allensbach.Rd man/strrecode.Rd man/dependencies-methods.Rd man/uconvlist.Rd man/gapminder.Rd man/xsparql.Rd man/strsubst.Rd man/enipedia.Rd man/DirectoryLocation-class.Rd man/BlogPostTarget-class.Rd man/MemoryLocation2-class.Rd man/resfunc.Rd man/read.csvdata.Rd man/resalias.Rd man/csvdata.Rd man/enipedia_countries.Rd man/evs2008.lvl2.Rd man/strparse.Rd man/WebLocation-class.Rd man/google.oauth2.Rd man/CsvData-class.Rd man/queries-methods.Rd man/datamart.Rd man/SftpLocation-class.Rd man/expenditures.Rd man/ResFunc-class.Rd man/localappdir.Rd man/city_coords.Rd man/UrlData-class.Rd man/netConnectGermany.Rd man/openei.Rd man/Pastebin-class.Rd man/meta-methods.Rd man/sourceforge.Rd man/put-methods.Rd man/datamart-package.Rd man/query-methods.Rd man/strtail.Rd man/MemoryLocation-class.Rd man/MdFigure-class.Rd man/InternalData-class.Rd man/ man/urldata.Rd man/MdReport-class.Rd man/strdecrypt.Rd man/Target-class.Rd man/strcap.Rd man/strencrypt.Rd man/Xsparql-class.Rd man/Location-class.Rd man/Dbpedia-class.Rd man/GoogleOAuth2-class.Rd man/Blogger-class.Rd man/as.character-methods.Rd man/Xdata-class.Rd man/SweaveReport-class.Rd man/strdehtml.Rd man/iwv_online.Rd man/ man/strhead.Rd man/uconv.Rd man/address_lookup.Rd man/FileTarget-class.Rd man/show-methods.Rd

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