datapack: A Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources

Provides a flexible container to transport and manipulate complex sets of data. These data may consist of multiple data files and associated meta data and ancillary files. Individual data objects have associated system level meta data, and data files are linked together using the OAI-ORE standard resource map which describes the relationships between the files. The OAI-ORE standard is described at <>. Data packages can be serialized and transported as structured files that have been created following the BagIt specification. The BagIt specification is described at <>.

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AuthorMatthew B. Jones [aut, cre], Peter Slaughter [aut], Regents of the University of California [cph]
Date of publication2017-04-07 22:59:01 UTC
MaintainerMatthew B. Jones <>
LicenseApache License (== 2.0)

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Man pages

addAccessRule: Add access rules to the specified object.

addData: Add a DataObject to the DataPackage

canRead: Test whether the provided subject can read an object.

clearAccessPolicy: Clear the accessPolicy from the specified object.

containsId: Returns true if the specified object is a member of the...

createFromTriples: Populate a ResourceMap with RDF relationships from...

DataObject-class: DataObject wraps raw data with system-level metadata

DataObject-initialize: Initialize a DataObject

datapack: datapack, a container for packages of data and associated...

DataPackage-class: A class representing a data package

DataPackage-initialize: Initialize a DataPackage object.

datapack-deprecated: Deprecated Methods

describeWorkflow: Add data derivation information to a DataPackage

dmsg: Print a debugging message to stderr.

freeResourceMap: Free memory used by a ResouceMap.

getData: Get the data content of a specified data object

getFormatId: Get the FormatId of the DataObject

getIdentifier: Get the Identifier of the DataObject

getIdentifiers: Get the Identifiers of Package Members

getMember: Return the Package Member by Identifier

getRelationships: Retrieve relationships of package objects

getSize: Get the Count of Objects in the Package

hasAccessRule: Determine if a particular access rules exists within...

insertRelationship: Record relationships of objects in a DataPackage

parseSystemMetadata: Parse an external XML document and populate a SystemMetadata...

recordDerivation: Record derivation relationships between objects in a...

removeMember: Remove the Specified Member from the Package

ResourceMap-class: ResourceMap provides methods to create, serialize and...

ResourceMap-initialize: Initialize a ResourceMap object.

serializePackage: Create an OAI-ORE resource map from the package

serializeRDF: Serialize a ResouceMap.

serializeSystemMetadata: Serialize a SystemMetadata object to an XML representation

serializeToBagIt: Serialize A DataPackage into a BagIt Archive File

setPublicAccess: Add a Rule to the AccessPolicy to make the object publicly...

SystemMetadata: Create DataONE SystemMetadata object

SystemMetadata-class: A DataONE SystemMetadata object containing basic...

SystemMetadata-initialize: Initialize a DataONE SystemMetadata object with default...

validate: Validate a SystemMetadata object.


addAccessRule Man page
addAccessRule,DataObject-method Man page
addAccessRule,SystemMetadata-method Man page
addData Man page
addData,DataPackage,DataObject-method Man page
canRead Man page
canRead,DataObject-method Man page
clearAccessPolicy Man page
clearAccessPolicy,SystemMetadata-method Man page
containsId Man page
containsId,DataPackage-method Man page
createFromTriples Man page
createFromTriples,ResourceMap-method Man page
DataObject-class Man page
DataObject-initialize Man page
datapack Man page
DataPackage-class Man page
DataPackage-initialize Man page
datapack-deprecated Man page
datapack-package Man page
describeWorkflow Man page
describeWorkflow,DataPackage-method Man page
dmsg Man page
freeResourceMap Man page
freeResourceMap,ResourceMap-method Man page
getData Man page
getData,DataObject-method Man page
getData,DataPackage-method Man page
getFormatId Man page
getFormatId,DataObject-method Man page
getIdentifier Man page
getIdentifier,DataObject-method Man page
getIdentifiers Man page
getIdentifiers,DataPackage-method Man page
getMember Man page
getMember,DataPackage-method Man page
getRelationships Man page
getRelationships,DataPackage-method Man page
getSize Man page
getSize,DataPackage-method Man page
hasAccessRule Man page
hasAccessRule,SystemMetadata-method Man page
initialize,DataObject-method Man page
initialize,DataPackage-method Man page
initialize,ResourceMap-method Man page
initialize,SystemMetadata-method Man page
insertRelationship Man page
insertRelationship,DataPackage-method Man page
parseSystemMetadata Man page
parseSystemMetadata,SystemMetadata-method Man page
recordDerivation Man page
recordDerivation,DataPackage-method Man page
removeMember Man page
removeMember,DataPackage-method Man page
ResourceMap-class Man page
ResourceMap-initialize Man page
serializePackage Man page
serializePackage,DataPackage-method Man page
serializeRDF Man page
serializeRDF,ResourceMap-method Man page
serializeSystemMetadata Man page
serializeSystemMetadata,SystemMetadata-method Man page
serializeToBagIt Man page
serializeToBagIt,DataPackage-method Man page
setPublicAccess Man page
setPublicAccess,DataObject-method Man page
SystemMetadata Man page
SystemMetadata-class Man page
SystemMetadata-initialize Man page
SystemMetadata,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
validate Man page
validate,SystemMetadata-method Man page


inst/tests/test_DataPackage.R inst/tests/test.SystemMetadata.R inst/tests/test.ResourceMap.R inst/tests/test_DataObject.R
R/dmsg.R R/DataObject.R R/datapack-package.r R/ResourceMap.R R/DataPackage.R R/SystemMetadata.R R/Constants.R R/zzz.R
man/DataPackage-class.Rd man/serializeRDF.Rd man/removeMember.Rd man/datapack-deprecated.Rd man/describeWorkflow.Rd man/getFormatId.Rd man/insertRelationship.Rd man/DataPackage-initialize.Rd man/createFromTriples.Rd man/serializeSystemMetadata.Rd man/validate.Rd man/clearAccessPolicy.Rd man/getIdentifier.Rd man/SystemMetadata-initialize.Rd man/DataObject-class.Rd man/SystemMetadata-class.Rd man/freeResourceMap.Rd man/recordDerivation.Rd man/dmsg.Rd man/containsId.Rd man/SystemMetadata.Rd man/parseSystemMetadata.Rd man/getRelationships.Rd man/setPublicAccess.Rd man/addAccessRule.Rd man/serializeToBagIt.Rd man/getSize.Rd man/serializePackage.Rd man/ResourceMap-class.Rd man/DataObject-initialize.Rd man/hasAccessRule.Rd man/canRead.Rd man/addData.Rd man/getIdentifiers.Rd man/getMember.Rd man/datapack.Rd man/ResourceMap-initialize.Rd man/getData.Rd

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