A class representing a data package, which can contain data objects



The DataPackage class provides methods for added and extracting data objects from a datapackage. The contents of a package can be determined and the package can be prepared for transport before being uploaded to a data repository or archived.



A hash containing provenance relationships of package objects


A hash containing identifiers for data object in the DataPackage


A SystemMetadata class instance describing the package


  • initialize: Initialize a DataPackage object

  • getData: Get the data content of a specified data object

  • getSize: Get the Count of Objects in the Package

  • getIdentifiers: Get the Identifiers of Package Members

  • addData: Add a DataObject to the DataPackage

  • insertRelationship: Record relationships of objects in a DataPackage

  • recordDerivation: Record derivation relationships between objects in a DataPackage

  • getRelationships: Retrieve relationships of package objects

  • containsId: Returns true if the specified object is a member of the package

  • removeMember: Remove the Specified Member from the Package

  • getMember: Return the Package Member by Identifier

  • serializePackage: Create an OAI-ORE resource map from the package

  • serializeToBagIt: Serialize A DataPackage into a BagIt Archive File

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