Man pages for datastructures
Implementation of Core Data Structures

at-methodsAccess elements from an object
bimapCreate a new 'bimap'
bimap-classBimap class
binomial_heapCreate a new 'binomial_heap'
binomial_heap-classBinomial heap class
clear-methodsRemove all elements from a datastructure
decrease_key-methodsDecreases the key of a node in a heap
deque-classDeque class
erase-methodsErase an entry from a map
fibonacci_heapCreate a new 'fibonacci_heap'
fibonacci_heap-classFibonacci heap class
handle-methodsGet the handles and values for nodes of a specific key in a...
hashmapCreate a new 'hashmap'
hashmap-classHashmap class
heap-classAbstract heap class
insert-methodsAdd elements to an object
keys-methodsGet keys from an object
map-classMap class
multimapCreate a new 'multimap'
multimap-classMultimap class
peek-methodsHave a look at the first element from an object without...
pop-methodsPop a single element from an object
queueCreate a new 'queue'
queue-classQueue class
size-methodsGet the size of an object
stackCreate a new 'stack'
stack-classStack class
subset-bimap-vector-missing-vector-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-heap-vector-missing-list-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-heap-vector-missing-matrix-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-heap-vector-missing-vector-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-unordered_map-vector-missing-ANY-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-unordered_map-vector-missing-list-methodInsert parts to an object
subset-unordered_map-vector-missing-vector-methodInsert parts to an object
sub-unordered_map-vector-missing-missing-methodExtract elements from an object
unordered_map-classAbstract unordered map class
values-methodsGet values from an object
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