Man pages for datawizard
Easy Data Wrangling

adjustAdjust data for the effect of other variable(s)
centerCentering (Grand-Mean Centering)
convert_data_to_numericConvert data to numeric
data_matchFind row indices of a data frame matching a specific...
data_partitionPartition data into a test and a training set
data_relocateRelocate (reorder) columns of a data frame
data_renameConvenient dataframe manipulation functionalities
data_rescaleRescale Variables to a New Range
data_restoretypeRestore the type of columns according to a reference data...
data_to_longReshape (pivot) data from wide to long
data_transposeTranspose a dataframe
demeanCompute group-meaned and de-meaned variables
describe_distributionDescribe a distribution
format_textConvenient text formatting functionalities
nhanes_sampleSample dataset from the National Health and Nutrition...
normalizeNormalize numeric variable to 0-1 range
ranktransform(Signed) rank transformation
rescale_weightsRescale design weights for multilevel analysis
reshape_ciReshape CI between wide/long formats
skewnessCompute Skewness and (Excess) Kurtosis
smoothnessQuantify the smoothness of a vector
standardizeStandardization (Z-scoring)
to_numericConvert to Numeric (if possible)
visualisation_recipePrepare objects for visualisation
winsorizeWinsorize data
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