dawai-package: Discriminant analysis with additional information

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This package performs linear and quadratic discriminant analysis with additional information expressed as inequality constraints among the populations means and computes several estimations of the true error rate


Package: dawai

Type: Package

Version: 1.2.5

Date: 2021-05-03

License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

For a complete list of functions with individual help pages, use library(help = "dawai").


David Conde, Miguel A. Fernandez, Bonifacio Salvador

Maintainer: David Conde <dconde@eio.uva.es>


Conde, D., Fernandez, M. A., Rueda, C., and Salvador, B. (2012). Classification of samples into two or more ordered populations with application to a cancer trial. Statistics in Medicine, 31, 3773-3786.

Conde, D., Fernandez, M. A., Salvador, B., and Rueda, C. (2015). dawai: An R Package for Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information. Journal of Statistical Software, 66(10), 1-19. URL http://www.jstatsoft.org/v66/i10/.

Conde, D., Salvador, B., Rueda, C. , and Fernandez, M. A. (2013). Performance and estimation of the true error rate of classification rules built with additional information. An application to a cancer trial. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 12(5), 583-602.

Fernandez, M. A., Rueda, C., Salvador, B. (2006). Incorporating additional information to normal linear discriminant rules. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 101, 569-577.

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