dbmss: Distance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures

Simple computation of spatial statistic functions of distance to characterize the spatial structures of mapped objects, including classical ones (Ripley's K and others) and more recent ones used by spatial economists (Duranton and Overman's Kd, Marcon and Puech's M). Relies on 'spatstat' for some core calculation.

AuthorEric Marcon, Gabriel Lang, Stephane Traissac, Florence Puech
Date of publication2017-03-26 16:11:58 UTC
MaintainerEric Marcon <Eric.Marcon@ecofog.gf>
LicenseGNU General Public License

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Man pages

as.Dtable: Converts data to class Dtable

as.wmppp: Converts data to class wmppp

CheckdbmssArguments: Checks the arguments of a function of the package dbmss

dbmssEnvelope: Class of envelope of function values (fv)

dbmss-package: Distance Based Measures of Spatial Structures

DEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the D function under...

Dhat: Estimation of the D function

Dtable: Create a Distance table object.

envelope.Dtable: Computes simulation envelopes of a summary function.

FillEnvelope: Transform simulation values to an fv

generic.spatstat: Methods for weighted, marked planar point patterns (of class...

gEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the g function under...

ghat: Estimation of the g function

GlobalEnvelope: Estimation of the global confidence interval of simulations

GoFtest: Goodness of Fit test between a distance based measure of...

is.wmppp: Test whether an object is a weighted, marked, planar point...

KdEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the Kd function...

Kdhat: Estimation of the Kd function

KEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the K function under...

Khat: Estimation of the K function

KinhomEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the Kinhom function...

Kinhomhat: Estimation of the inhomogenous K function

KmmEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the Lmm function...

Kmmhat: Estimation of the Kmm function

Ktest: Test of a point pattern against Complete Spatial Randomness

LEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the L function under...

Lhat: Estimation of the L function

LmmEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the Lmm function...

Lmmhat: Estimation of the Lmm function

m_Envelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the m function under...

MEnvelope: Estimation of the confidence envelope of the M function under...

m_hat: Estimation of the m function

Mhat: Estimation of the M function

paracou16: Paracou field station plot 16, partial map

print.dbmssEnvelope: Print a confidence envelope

Rcpp: Auxiliary functions to count point neighbors

rPopulationIndependenceK: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

rPopulationIndependenceM: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

rRandomLabeling: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

rRandomLabelingM: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

rRandomLocation: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

rRandomPositionK: Simulations of a point pattern according to the null...

summary.dbmssEnvelope: Summary of a confidence envelope

wmppp: Create a Weighted, Marked, Planar Point Pattern

wmppp.object: Class of Weighted, Marked, Planar Point Patterns


as.Dtable Man page
as.Dtable.data.frame Man page
as.Dtable.ppp Man page
as.wmppp Man page
as.wmppp.data.frame Man page
as.wmppp.ppp Man page
CheckdbmssArguments Man page
CountNbdKd Man page
dbmss Man page
dbmssEnvelope.object Man page
dbmss-package Man page
DEnvelope Man page
Dhat Man page
DistKd Man page
Dtable Man page
envelope.Dtable Man page
FillEnvelope Man page
gEnvelope Man page
ghat Man page
GlobalEnvelope Man page
GoFtest Man page
is.wmppp Man page
KdEnvelope Man page
Kdhat Man page
KEnvelope Man page
Khat Man page
KinhomEnvelope Man page
Kinhomhat Man page
KmmEnvelope Man page
Kmmhat Man page
Ktest Man page
LEnvelope Man page
Lhat Man page
LmmEnvelope Man page
Lmmhat Man page
mEnvelope Man page
MEnvelope Man page
mhat Man page
Mhat Man page
paracou16 Man page
parallelCountNbd Man page
parallelCountNbdCC Man page
parallelCountNbdDt Man page
parallelCountNbdDtCC Man page
parallelCountNbdm Man page
print.dbmssEnvelope Man page
rPopulationIndependenceK Man page
rPopulationIndependenceM Man page
rRandomLabeling Man page
rRandomLabelingM Man page
rRandomLocation Man page
rRandomPositionK Man page
sharpen.wmppp Man page
split.wmppp Man page
summary.dbmssEnvelope Man page
superimpose.wmppp Man page
unique.wmppp Man page
wmppp Man page
wmppp.object Man page


dbmss/R/KmmEnvelope.R dbmss/R/Kdhat.R dbmss/R/as.Dtable.R dbmss/R/gEnvelope.R dbmss/R/Lmmhat.R dbmss/R/Kinhomhat.R dbmss/R/generic.spatstat.R dbmss/R/GlobalEnvelope.R dbmss/R/GoFtest.R dbmss/R/ghat.R dbmss/R/LmmEnvelope.R dbmss/R/rRandomLabeling.R dbmss/R/CheckdbmssArguments.R dbmss/R/LEnvelope.R dbmss/R/as.wmppp.R dbmss/R/KEnvelope.R dbmss/R/rRandomLocation.R dbmss/R/as.wmppp.data.frame.R dbmss/R/m_Envelope.R dbmss/R/FillEnvelope.R dbmss/R/Dtable.R dbmss/R/envelope.Dtable.R dbmss/R/KdEnvelope.R dbmss/R/rPopulationIndependenceK.R dbmss/R/KinhomEnvelope.R dbmss/R/Lhat.R dbmss/R/Khat.R dbmss/R/as.Dtable.ppp.R dbmss/R/rPopulationIndependenceM.R dbmss/R/Dhat.R dbmss/R/m_hat.R dbmss/R/RcppExports.R dbmss/R/DEnvelope.R dbmss/R/MEnvelope.R dbmss/R/is.wmppp.R dbmss/R/Kmmhat.R dbmss/R/as.wmppp.ppp.R dbmss/R/rRandomPositionK.R dbmss/R/wmppp.R dbmss/R/rRandomLabelingM.R dbmss/R/as.Dtable.data.frame.R dbmss/R/Mhat.R dbmss/R/print.dbmssEnvelope.R dbmss/R/summary.dbmssEnvelope.R
dbmss/man/KinhomEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/Rcpp.Rd dbmss/man/as.wmppp.Rd dbmss/man/KdEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/rPopulationIndependenceK.Rd dbmss/man/Dhat.Rd dbmss/man/MEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/KEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/wmppp.object.Rd dbmss/man/CheckdbmssArguments.Rd dbmss/man/rRandomLocation.Rd dbmss/man/Lmmhat.Rd dbmss/man/is.wmppp.Rd dbmss/man/wmppp.Rd dbmss/man/summary.dbmssEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/Khat.Rd dbmss/man/ghat.Rd dbmss/man/dbmss-package.Rd dbmss/man/rRandomLabelingM.Rd dbmss/man/Ktest.Rd dbmss/man/LmmEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/rPopulationIndependenceM.Rd dbmss/man/dbmssEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/GlobalEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/as.Dtable.Rd dbmss/man/rRandomLabeling.Rd dbmss/man/Mhat.Rd dbmss/man/envelope.Dtable.Rd dbmss/man/Kdhat.Rd dbmss/man/generic.spatstat.Rd dbmss/man/FillEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/gEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/m_Envelope.Rd dbmss/man/DEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/print.dbmssEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/KmmEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/Dtable.Rd dbmss/man/m_hat.Rd dbmss/man/LEnvelope.Rd dbmss/man/GoFtest.Rd dbmss/man/paracou16.Rd dbmss/man/Kinhomhat.Rd dbmss/man/Kmmhat.Rd dbmss/man/Lhat.Rd dbmss/man/rRandomPositionK.Rd

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