Man pages for dcemriS4
A Package for Image Analysis of DCE-MRI (S4 Implementation)

ADC-methodsEstimate the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC)
aif-modelsArterial Input Functions
aifParametersParameters for Arterial Input Functions
buckleySimulated Data from Buckley (2002)
compartmentalModelCompartmental Models for Kinetic Parameter Estimation
convFFTConvolution of 3D Arrays using the Fourier Transform
CPMG-methodsQuantitative T2 Methods
dcemri.bayes-methodsBayesian Methods for Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Dynamic...
dcemri.lm-methodsPharmacokinetic Models for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Data Modeling of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI...
dcemriS4-packagedcemri: A Package for Medical Image Analysis (S4...
dcemri.spline-methodsBayesian P-Splines for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Data
doubleAngleMethodDouble-Angle Method for B1+ Mapping
expConvConvolution of Exponential Functions
extractAIFSeed Growing for a 4D Array
fastTemplateMatchingFast Template Matching via Cross-Correlation
findCenterFind the Center of a Binary Mask
kineticModelPharmacokinetic Models
rcbv-methodsRegional Cerebral Blood Volume
relaxation-methodsEstimate Intrinsic Tissue Relaxivity
shift3DShift a 3D Array in One Dimension
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