ddR: Distributed Data Structures in R

Provides distributed data structures and simplifies distributed computing in R.

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AuthorEdward Ma, Indrajit Roy, Michael Lawrence
Date of publication2015-11-25 08:54:21
MaintainerEdward Ma <ema@hpe.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE

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Man pages

as.darray: Convert input matrix into a distributed array.

as.dframe: Convert input matrix or data.frame into a distributed...

as.dlist: Creates a distributed list from the input.

bind_overrides: rbindddR

cash-DObject-method: Extracts elements of a distributed object matching the name.

cbind-DObject-method: Column binds the objects.

collect: Fetch partition(s) of 'darray', 'dframe' or 'dlist' from...

colMeans-DObject-method: Gets the column means for a distributed array or data.frame.

colnames-DObject-method: Gets the colnames for the distributed object.

colSums-DObject-method: Get the column sums for a distributed array or data.frame.

combine: Combines a list of partitions into a single distributed...

darray: Creates a distributed array with the specified partitioning...

ddRDriver-class: The base S4 class for backend driver classes to extend.

dframe: Creates a distributed data.frame with the specified...

dimnames-DObject-method: Gets the dimnames for the distributed object.

dimnames-set-DObject-list-method: Sets the dimnames for the distributed object.

dlapply: Distributed version of 'lapply'. Similar to 'dmapply', but...

dlist: Creates a distributed list with the specified partitioning...

dmapply: Distributed version of mapply. Similar to R's 'mapply', it...

DObject-class: The baseline distributed object class to be extended by each...

do_collect: Backend implemented function to move data from storage to the...

do_dmapply: Backend-specific dmapply logic. This is a required override...

extract-methods: Extract parts of a distributed object.

getBestOutputPartitioning: This is an overrideable function that determines what the...

getPartitionIdsAndOffsets: Gets the internal set of partitions, and offsets within each...

get_parts: Gets the partitions to a distributed object, given an index.

init: Called when the backend driver is initialized.

is.darray: Returns whether the input is a darray

is.dframe: Returns whether the input is a dframe

is.dlist: Returns whether the input is a dlist

is.dobject: Returns whether the input entity is a DObject

is.sparse_darray: Returns whether the input is a sparse_darray

mean-DObject-method: Gets the mean value of the elements within the object.

names-set-DObject-method: Sets the names of a distributed object

nparts: Returns a 2d-vector denoting the number of partitions...

package: Distributed Data-structures in R

parallel: The default parallel driver

parts: Retrieves, as a list of independent objects, pointers to each...

psize: Return sizes of each partition of the input distributed...

rbind-DObject-method: row binds the arguments

repartition: Repartitions a distributed object. This function takes two...

rowMeans-DObject-method: Gets the row means for a distributed array or data.frame.

rownames-DObject-method: Gets the rownames for the distributed object.

rowSums-DObject-method: Gets the row sums for a distributed array or data.frame.

shutdown: Called when the backend driver is shutdown.

sub-sub-DObject-numeric-method: Extracts a single element of a distributed object.

sum-DObject-method: Gets the sum of the objects.

totalParts: Returns the total number of partitions of the distributed...

useBackend: Sets the active backend driver. Functions exported by the...


[ Man page
as.darray Man page
as.dframe Man page
as.dlist Man page
as.DList Man page
cbind Man page
cbind,DObject-method Man page
collect Man page
colMeans,DObject-method Man page
colnames,DObject-method Man page
colSums,DObject-method Man page
combine Man page
combine,ParallelddR,list-method Man page
darray Man page
DArray Man page
ddR Man page
ddRDriver-class Man page
dframe Man page
DFrame Man page
dimnames<-,DObject,list-method Man page
dimnames,DObject-method Man page
dlapply Man page
dlist Man page
DList Man page
dmapply Man page
DObject-class Man page
[,DObject-method Man page
$,DObject-method Man page
[[,DObject,numeric-method Man page
do_collect Man page
do_collect,ParallelObj,integer-method Man page
do_dmapply Man page
do_dmapply,ParallelddR,function-method Man page
getBestOutputPartitioning Man page
getBestOutputPartitioning.ddRDriver Man page
getPartitionIdsAndOffsets Man page
get_parts Man page
get_parts,ParallelObj,integer-method Man page
get_parts,ParallelObj,missing-method Man page
init Man page
init,ddRDriver-method Man page
init,ParallelddR-method Man page
is.darray Man page
is.DArray Man page
is.dframe Man page
is.DFrame Man page
is.dlist Man page
is.DList Man page
is.dobject Man page
is.DObject Man page
is.sparse_darray Man page
mean,DObject-method Man page
names<-,DObject-method Man page
nparts Man page
parallel Man page
parts Man page
psize Man page
rbind Man page
rbind,DObject-method Man page
repartition Man page
repartition.DObject Man page
rowMeans,DObject-method Man page
rownames,DObject-method Man page
rowSums,DObject-method Man page
shutdown Man page
shutdown,ddRDriver-method Man page
shutdown,ParallelddR-method Man page
sum,DObject-method Man page
totalParts Man page
useBackend Man page


inst/doc/README.R inst/doc/user_guide.R
tests/testthat/test-dmapply.R tests/testthat/test-repartition.R tests/testthat/test-dframe.R tests/testthat/test-darray.R tests/testthat/test-dlist.R tests/test-all.R
R/pobject.R R/dobject.R R/RcppExports.R R/ops.R R/pdriver.R R/ddR.R R/zzz.R
man/cash-DObject-method.Rd man/dmapply.Rd man/is.dframe.Rd man/colnames-DObject-method.Rd man/colMeans-DObject-method.Rd man/parts.Rd man/colSums-DObject-method.Rd man/dframe.Rd man/init.Rd man/rownames-DObject-method.Rd man/combine.Rd man/dlist.Rd man/rowMeans-DObject-method.Rd man/nparts.Rd man/parallel.Rd man/darray.Rd man/ddRDriver-class.Rd man/dimnames-DObject-method.Rd man/sum-DObject-method.Rd man/repartition.Rd man/as.dlist.Rd man/rbind-DObject-method.Rd man/dlapply.Rd man/bind_overrides.Rd man/dimnames-set-DObject-list-method.Rd man/do_dmapply.Rd man/as.dframe.Rd man/mean-DObject-method.Rd man/is.dlist.Rd man/extract-methods.Rd man/get_parts.Rd man/is.sparse_darray.Rd man/names-set-DObject-method.Rd man/as.darray.Rd man/is.dobject.Rd man/cbind-DObject-method.Rd man/getPartitionIdsAndOffsets.Rd man/DObject-class.Rd man/is.darray.Rd man/sub-sub-DObject-numeric-method.Rd man/collect.Rd man/psize.Rd man/useBackend.Rd man/shutdown.Rd man/totalParts.Rd man/package.Rd man/getBestOutputPartitioning.Rd man/do_collect.Rd man/rowSums-DObject-method.Rd

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