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Performs posterior inference for deep Gaussian processes following Sauer, Gramacy, and Higdon (2020) <arXiv:2012.08015>. Models are trained through MCMC including elliptical slice sampling of latent Gaussian layers and Metropolis-Hastings sampling of kernel hyperparameters. Vecchia-approximation for faster computation is implemented following Sauer, Cooper, and Gramacy (2022) <arXiv:2204.02904>. Downstream tasks include sequential design through active learning Cohn/integrated mean squared error (ALC/IMSE; Sauer, Gramacy, and Higdon, 2020) and optimization through expected improvement (EI; Gramacy, Sauer, and Wycoff, 2021 <arXiv:2112.07457>). Models extend up to three layers deep; a one layer model is equivalent to typical Gaussian process regression. Covariance kernel options are matern (default) and squared exponential. Applicable to both noisy and deterministic functions. Incorporates SNOW parallelization and utilizes C and C++ under the hood.

Important Functions

  • fit_one_layer: conducts MCMC sampling of hyperparameters for a one layer GP

  • fit_two_layer: conducts MCMC sampling of hyperparameters and hidden layer for a two layer deep GP

  • fit_three_layer: conducts MCMC sampling of hyperparameters and hidden layers for a three layer deep GP

  • continue: collects additional MCMC samples

  • trim: cuts off burn-in and optionally thins samples

  • predict: calculates posterior mean and variance over a set of input locations (optionally calculates EI)

  • plot: produces trace plots, hidden layer plots, and posterior plots

  • ALC: calculates active learning Cohn over set of input locations using reference grid

  • IMSE: calculates integrated mean-squared error over set of input locations


Annie Sauer


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# See "fit_one_layer", "fit_two_layer", "fit_three_layer", 
# "ALC", or "IMSE" for examples
# Examples of real-world implementations are available at: 

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