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Translate texts into Russian using DeepL API Pro


toRussian translates a text from an available language into Russian using DeepL API Pro. Use available_languages to list all supported languages. An authentication key is required to use this service. The service costs depending on the number of translated characters.


  source_lang = NULL,
  split_sentences = TRUE,
  preserve_formatting = FALSE,
  get_detect = FALSE,
  auth_key = "your_key"



character vector to be translated. Only UTF8-encoded plain text is supported. An element can contain several sentences, but should not exceed 30kbytes.


language of the text to be translated. If parameter is.null, the API guesses the language of the source. If input is of length 1, the same source language is applied to all elements.


if TRUE, the translation engine splits the input into sentences. If only one sentence is translated, it is recommended to set to FALSE to prevent the engine from unintentionally splitting the sentence.


if TRUE, the translation engine tries to preserve some aspects (e.g. punctuation at the beginning and end of the sentence, upper/lower case at the beginning of the sentence) of the formatting.


if TRUE, the language detected for the source text is included in the response.


Authentication key.


To get an authentication key, you need to register for a DeepL API Pro account (


If get_detect is set to FALSE a character vector containing the translation is returned. Otherwise, a (tibble) is returned with the following columns:

  • translation the translated text.

  • source_lang detected or specified language of the input text.


DeepL API documentations


## Not run: 
# Translate a single text
toRussian("Hallo Welt!", auth_key = "my_key")

# Translate multiple texts and return the detected language
texts <- c("My name is Fred.", "Je suis m├ędecin.", "Ich komme aus der Schweiz.")
toRussian(texts, get_detect = T, auth_key = "x")

## End(Not run)

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