delt: Estimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions

We implement methods for estimating multivariate densities. We include a discretized kernel estimator, an adaptive histogram (a greedy histogram and a CART-histogram), stagewise minimization, and bootstrap aggregation.

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AuthorJussi Klemela [aut, cre], Sauli Herrala [ctb]
Date of publication2015-06-03 12:12:23
MaintainerJussi Klemela <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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R/supp.R R/rf2tree.old.R R/partigen.disc.R R/omaord2.delt.R R/exma.R R/omaind.delt.R R/denmean.R R/paf.R R/myosplitpena.R R/eval.greedy.R R/bootworpl.R R/luo.R R/detsi.R R/myosplitR.R R/simfssk.R R/dentree.R R/partigen.R R/densplitter33.R R/leaflocs.R R/riskesti.R R/stepcalc.R R/levefore.R R/findsplitlev.R R/findobsR.R R/findsplitpenaR.R R/preprocess.R R/meanstd.R R/denssr.R R/count.R R/blokitus.delt.R R/simesi.R R/intpcf.R R/makebina.R R/picktreelev.R R/findleafs.R R/pcf.greedy.kernel.R R/stepwiseR.R R/profdelt.R R/simesi3d.R R/plotpartilev.R R/downhigh.R R/belongs.R R/omaver.R R/stage.gaussR.R R/remnodes.R R/lokeroi.R R/eval.cart.R R/simutree.R R/rf2tree.R R/ositalog.R R/partition.R R/colo2eprof.R R/allocolo.R R/densplitter44.R R/allosimp.R R/densplitter22.R R/eval.bagg.R R/lstseq.bagg.R R/findsplitter2.R R/partigenD.R R/unidis.R R/omaind.R R/partition.old.R R/drawgene.R R/partitionlev.R R/makeparent.R R/scaspa.R R/myosplitpenaR.R R/densplitF.R R/dernor.R R/densplit.R R/findobs.R R/pruseq.R R/ R/findsplit.R R/massone.delt.R R/simmix.delt.R R/lefrig2par.R R/levsplitR.R R/findsplitter.R R/densplitR.R R/findsplitter.dyadic.R R/pickseq.R R/simpp.R R/delt.R R/initial.R R/makeorder.R R/eval.pick.R R/drawcart.R R/omamindelt.R R/treeadd.R R/roundlnum.R R/lstseq.greedy.R R/childcode.R R/massone.R R/densplitter.R R/prune.R R/bootbagg.R R/leafsum.R R/eval.stage.R R/lowupp.R R/cluster.lst.R R/findsplitter3.R R/prunelev.R R/osita.R R/plotparti.R R/exmavec.R R/slicing.recs.R R/gaussprod.R R/findsplitG.R R/pruseqlev.R R/lstseq.cart.R R/eval.stage.gauss.R
man/eval.stage.Rd man/eval.stage.gauss.Rd man/eval.cart.Rd man/makebina.Rd man/lefrig2par.Rd man/delt-package.Rd man/plotparti.Rd man/eval.greedy.Rd man/cluster.lst.Rd man/prune.Rd man/eval.pick.Rd man/intpcf.Rd man/scaspa.Rd man/densplit.Rd man/pcf.greedy.kernel.Rd man/partition.Rd man/lstseq.bagg.Rd man/eval.bagg.Rd man/lstseq.cart.Rd man/supp.Rd man/lstseq.greedy.Rd

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