Man pages for delt
Estimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions

cluster.lstAssigns labels to data points
delt-packageEstimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive...
densplitCalculation of an overfitting histogram
eval.baggReturns a bootstrap aggregation of adaptive histograms
eval.cartCalculates a CART histogram
eval.greedyReturns a greedy histogram
eval.pickReturns a subtree of an evaluation tree
eval.stageReturns a stagewise minimization estimate
eval.stage.gaussReturns a 1D Gaussian mixture density estimate
intpcfCalculates the integral of a piecewise constant function
lefrig2parTransforms an evaluation tree so that it can be plotted with...
lstseq.baggCalculates a scale of bootstrap aggregated histograms
lstseq.cartCalculates a scale of CART histograms
lstseq.greedyCalculates a scale of greedy histograms
makebinaTranforms and evaluation tree to the tree object of R
partitionFinds the partition generated by an evaluation tree
pcf.greedy.kernelComputes a discretized kernel estimator with an adaptive...
plotpartiDraws a partition
prunePrepares for pruning an overfitting evaluation tree
scaspaFinds the number of modes of histograms which are obtained by...
suppReturns the bounding box of observations
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