readsData: An S4 class to represent summarised counts and the output of...

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An S4 class to represent summarised counts and the output of Bayesian inference.



A positive integer matrix containing summarised counts for each genomic event (genes, exons, transcripts, etc) in the two conditions, A and B.


A list containing the indices of the columns that belong to each of the two experimental conditions, A and B. It is defaulted to A = 1:(n/2), B = (n/2+1):n for an m by n matrix.


A character vector containing the names of the genomic event. It is appropriately defaulted to names of the matrix.


A list containing initial values for each parameter. Defaulted to N_A = rep(1, nrow(counts)), N_B = rep(1, nrow(counts)), p= 0.0001, f = 0.01.


A list containing step sizes for sampling each parameter. Defaulted to stepsizeN_A = rep(1, nrow(counts)), stepsizeN_B = rep(1, nrow(counts)), stepsize_p= 1e3, stepsize_f = 5e7


A list containing the samples for each parameter which are generated by Bayesian inference. It can only be filled inside the results function.

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