#'Function to generate a name for the keys if not provided
#'@param BASE base dataset
#'@param COMP comparison dataset
#'@param replace_names a vector of replacement names. Used for recursion, should be edited in function for clarity
generate_keyname <- function(
    replace_names = c("..ROWNUMBER..", "..RN..", "..ROWN..", "..N..")
    if ( class(replace_names) != "character"){
        stop( "replace_names is not a character vector")
    if (length(replace_names) == 0) {
        stop("All default row names are in use in BASE/COMPARE. Please provide a KEY argument")
    key_name <- replace_names[1]
    if (!is.null(BASE[[key_name]]) | !is.null( COMP[[key_name]])){
        key_name <- generate_keyname(BASE, COMP, replace_names[-1])

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