Man pages for dipsaus
A Dipping Sauce for Data Analysis and Visualizations

AbstractMapAbstract Map to store key-value pairs
AbstractQueueDefines abstract queue class
actionButtonStyledAction Button but with customized styles
ask_or_defaultRead a Line from the Terminal, but with Default Values
ask_yesnoAsk and Return True or False from the Terminal
asyncEvaluate expression in 'async_expr'
async_exprApply R expressions in a parallel way
async_flapplyWrapper for 'future.apply::future_lapply'
cat2Color Output
check_installed_packagesCheck If Packages Are Installed, Returns Missing Packages
col2hexStrConvert color to Hex string
collapseCollapse Sensors And Calculate Summations/Mean (stable)
compoundInput2Compound input that combines and extends shiny inputs
deparse_svecConvert Integer Vectors To String (stable)
do_aggregateMake aggregate pipe-friendly
drop_nullsDrop 'NULL' values from list or vectors
eval_dirtyEvaluate expressions
get_cpuGet CPU Chip-set Information
getInputBindingObtain registered input bindings
get_ramGet Memory Size
grapes-equals-greater-than-grapesA JavaScript style of creating functions
grapes-help-set-grapesAssign if not exists, or NULL Provides a way to assign...
grapes-plus-grapesPlus-minus operator
iapplyApply each elements with index as second input
make_async_evaluatorCreate Asynchronous Evaluator to Queue Tasks
make_forked_clustersCreate forked clusters
mapCreate R object map.
MasterEvaluatorGenerator Class for Asynchronous Evaluation
match_callsRecursively match calls and modify arguments
mem_limit2Get max RAM size This is an experimental function that is...
no_opPipe-friendly no-operation function
package_installedCheck if a package is installed
parse_svecParse Text Into Numeric Vectors (stable)
PersistContainerWrapper to cache key-value pairs and persist across sessions
progress2'Shiny' progress bar, but can run without reactive context
queueCreate R object queue.
registerInputBindingRegister customized input to enable support by compound input
sync_shiny_inputsSynchronize Shiny Inputs
time_deltaCalculate time difference and return a number
to_datauriConvert file to 'base64' format
to_ram_sizeConvert bytes to KB, MB, GB,...
updateActionButtonStyledUpdate styled action button
updateCompoundInput2Update compound inputs
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