Man pages for dipsaus
A Dipping Sauce for Data Analysis and Visualizations

AbstractMapAbstract Map to store key-value pairs
AbstractQueueDefines abstract queue class
actionButtonStyledAction Button but with customized styles
add_to_sessionStore/Get key-value pairs in 'shiny' session
ask_or_defaultRead a Line from the Terminal, but with Default Values
ask_yesnoAsk and Return True or False from the Terminal
as_pipeConvert functions to pipe-friendly functions
asyncEvaluate expression in 'async_expr'
async_exprApply R expressions in a parallel way
async_flapplyWrapper for 'future.apply::future_lapply'
async_worksRun jobs in other R sessions without waiting
attached_packagesGet attached package names in current session (Internally...
base64_to_imageSave "Base64" Data to Images
base64_to_stringConvert "Base64" Data to String
base64-urlEncode or decode 'base64'
baseline_arrayCalculate Contrasts of Arrays in Different Methods
capture_exprCaptures Evaluation Output of Expressions as One Single...
cat2Color Output
check_installed_packagesCheck If Packages Are Installed, Returns Missing Packages
clear_envFunction to clear all elements within environment
col2hexStrConvert color to Hex string
collapseCollapse Sensors And Calculate Summations/Mean
compoundInput2Compound input that combines and extends shiny inputs
decorate_functionPython-style decorator
deparse_svecConvert Integer Vectors To String
digest2Digest R object with source reference removed
dipsaus-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'dipsaus' The functions or...
dipsaus-rstudio-shortcutsRegister customized R code to 'RStudio' shortcuts
do_aggregateMake aggregate pipe-friendly
do_nothingA dummy function that literally does nothing
drop_nullsDrop 'NULL' values from list or vectors
eval_dirtyEvaluate expressions
fancyFileInputShiny drag-and-drop file input
fastcov2Calculate Covariance Matrix in Parallel
fastmap2A Wrapper for 'fastmap::fastmap'
fastquantileCalculate single quantile for numerical values
fastqueue2A Wrapper for 'fastmap::fastqueue'
flex_divGenerate Shiny element with arrangement automatically
forelsePython-style '"for-else"' function
get_credentialGenerate a random password
get_dotsGet or check elements from dots "..."
getInputBindingObtain registered input bindings
get_ipGet 'IP' address
get_osDetect the type of operating system
get_ramGet Memory Size
grapes-equals-greater-than-grapesA JavaScript style of creating functions
grapes-help-set-grapesLeft-hand side checked assignment Provides a way to assign...
grapes-OF-grapesGet an element with condition that it must be from a list or...
grapes-plus-grapesPlus-minus operator
grapes-set-help-grapesRight-hand side checked assignment Provides a way to avoid...
graphic-devicesCreate a group of named graphic devices
handler_dipsaus_progressProgress-bar Handler
html_asisEscape HTML strings
html_classCombine, add, or remove 'HTML' classes
iapplyApply each elements with index as second input
is_from_namespaceCheck whether a function, environment comes from a namespace
lapply_async2Apply, but in parallel
lapply_callrApply function with 'rs_exec'
list_to_fastmap2Copy elements to 'fastmap2'
list_to_fastqueue2Copy elements to 'fastqueue2'
lockCreate or Unlock a Lock
make_forked_clustersCreate forked clusters, but more than that
mapCreate R object map.
mask_function2Mask a function with given variables
match_callsRecursively match calls and modify arguments
mean_seCalculates mean and standard error of mean
mem_limit2Get max RAM size This is an experimental function that is...
new_function2Create new function that supports 'quasi-quosure' syntax
no_opPipe-friendly no-operation function
package_installedCheck if a package is installed
parse_svecParse Text Into Numeric Vectors
PersistContainerWrapper to cache key-value pairs and persist across sessions
print_directory_treePrint Directory Tree
progress2'Shiny' progress bar, but can run without reactive context
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
registerInputBindingRegister customized input to enable support by compound input
restart_sessionRestart R Session
rs_active_projectGet 'RStudio' active project
rs_availVerify 'RStudio' version
rs_edit_fileUse 'RStudio' to open and edit files
rs_execSchedule a Background Job
rs_focus_consoleFocus on 'RStudio' Console
rs_save_allSave all documents in 'RStudio'
rs_select_pathUse 'RStudio' to Select a Path on the Server
rs_set_reposAdd secondary 'CRAN'-like repository to the 'RStudio'...
rs_viewerGet 'RStudio' Viewer, or Return Default
screenshotTake a screenshot in shiny apps
session_uuidProvides Unique Session ID According to Current R Session
set_shiny_inputSet Shiny Input
sexp_type2Get Internal Storage Type
shared_finalizerCreate Shared Finalization to Avoid Over Garbage Collection
shift_arrayShift Array by Index
shiny_alert2Simple shiny alert that uses 'JavaScript' promises
shiny_is_runningDetect whether 'Shiny' is running
ste_meanStandard error of mean
sumsquaredFast Calculation of Sum-squared for Large Matrices/Vectors
sync_shiny_inputsSynchronize Shiny Inputs
test_fargTest whether function has certain arguments
time_deltaCalculate time difference and return a number
to_datauriConvert file to 'base64' format
to_ram_sizeConvert bytes to KB, MB, GB,...
updateActionButtonStyledUpdate styled action button
updateCompoundInput2Update compound inputs
update_fastmap2Migrate a 'fastmap2' object to a new one
use_shiny_dipsausSet up shiny plugins
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