Man pages for discourseGT
Analyze Group Patterns using Graph Theory in Educational Settings

attributeDataSample Attribute Data
coreNetAnalysisRun Graphical Analysis Core Parameters
discourseGTdiscourseGT: A package to analyze groups patterns using graph...
edgelist_rawProcess raw order lists from two column format to edge lists
graphicalPlotPlot Graphs
plotGraphsPlots Graphs using ggplot2 with one attribute
plotGraphs2Plots Graphs using ggplot2 with two attributes
plotNGTDataPlot non-graphical parameters
prepareGraphsPrepare Graphs
run_allRun functions in discourseGT in bulk
sampleData1Sample Episode Start and Episode Continuation Data (2 Column)
subgroupsNetAnalysisRuns subgroup analysis on graphs
summaryNetPrint summary of graph results
tabulate_edgesProcess raw order lists from two column format to edge and...
writeDataExports graphs and data objects from the package to disk
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