threeParamPlot: Used to plot the RAD, slope and FoG parameter results

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This function creates a pdf figure of plots showing the results of the imageJ analysis for resistance (RAD), tolerance (FoG), and sensitivity (slope).


threeParamPlot(projectName, type, RAD = "RAD20", FoG = "FoG20",
  RADmin = 30, slopeMax = 160, tolMax = 100, width = 6, height = 4,
  xlabels = "line", xlabAngle = NA, order = NA, orderFactor = "line",
  overwrite = TRUE, savePDF = TRUE, popUp = TRUE)



the short name to be used for the project


specify whether the dataset to use is a dataframe with all data ("df") or an aggregated dataframe ("ag")


specify the RAD (radius) parameter to be plotted ("RAD20", "RAD50" or "RAD80"), default = "RAD20".


specify the FoG (fraction of growth) parameter to be plotted ("FoG20", "FoG50" or "FoG80"), default = "FoG20".


minimum distance from the disk for resistance plot (minimum y axis value), default = 30.


maximum y axis value for slope (sensitivity) plot


maximum y axis value for tolerance plot. Note tolerance is coverted to a percent, default = 100.


a numeric value indicating the width of the pdf file generated


a numeric value indicating the height of the pdf file generated


either a vector containing the desired x-axis labels, or a single value indicating the column name that contains the values to use (likely either the 'line' column or one of the type columns), default = "line".


indicates whether to print the x axis labels on a angle, if a number is provided this will be the angle used. The defauilt is not to plot on an angle, default = NA.


can be either "factor" or "custom". If custom, supply a numberial vector the same length as the dataframe to indicate the desired order. If factor, supply the column name in ordeFactor to be used to factor.


if order = "factor" supply the column name to be used to factor.


a logical value indicating whether to overwrite existing figures created on the same day for the same project name


a logical value indicating whether to save a PDF file or open a new quartz window. Defaults to TRUE (saves a pdf file).


a logical value indicating whether to pop up the figure after it has been created


Basic parameter plotting functions for three parameter plots (RAD, FoG , slope). Input can be the dataframe from either createDataframe type="df" or from aggregateData type=="ag". The default is to plot tolerance as a barplot and RAD and slope as a dotplot; tolerance can also be plotted as a dotplot with barplot=FALSE though there is currently not support to plot either RAD or slope as a barplot in this framework.


Either a pdf figure figure saved to the 'figures' directory ("projectName_RAD-slope-FoG.pdf" or a figure on screen

See Also

oneParamPlot for a similar figure with one parameter and twoParamPlot for a similar figure with two parameters

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