version 1.5

date 2020-09-17

  1. add rep_n() and rep_character() to rep each inner elements in vectors
  2. add Apriori.Basket() to create basket format data for apriori analysis
  3. add to transform rules to dataframe for apriori analysis

version 1.4

date: 2020-07-27

  1. add numeric.nms(), factor.nms(), character.nms(), and name.n() to get numeric names, factor names, character names and names with unique number values n.
  2. add to extract data from model
  3. add to make dump variable names

version 1.3

date: 2020-06-30

  1. simplify codes in Replace_ex() function.
  2. add join_inner(), join_full(), join_left(), join_right(), join_out()

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