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Calculate fundamental cycles in a graph.


  vertices = NULL,
  graph_max_size = 10000,
  expand = 0.05



data.frame or equivalent object representing the contracted network graph (see Details).


data.frame returned from dodgr_vertices(graph). Will be calculated if not provided, but it's quicker to pass this if it has already been calculated.


Maximum size submitted to the internal C++ routines as a single chunk. Warning: Increasing this may lead to computer meltdown!


For large graphs which must be broken into chunks, this factor determines the relative overlap between chunks to ensure all cycles are captured. (This value should only need to be modified in special cases.)


List of cycle paths, in terms of vertex IDs in graph and, for spatial graphs, the corresponding coordinates.


Calculation of fundamental cycles is VERY computationally demanding, and this function should only be executed on CONTRACTED graphs (that is, graphs returned from dodgr_contract_graph), and even than may take a long time to execute. Results for full graphs can be obtained with the function dodgr_full_cycles. The computational complexity can also not be calculated in advance, and so the parameter graph_max_size will lead to graphs larger than that (measured in numbers of edges) being cut into smaller parts. (Note that that is only possible for spatial graphs, meaning that it is not at all possible to apply this function to large, non-spatial graphs.) Each of these smaller parts will be expanded by the specified amount (expand), and cycles found within. The final result is obtained by aggregating all of these cycles and removing any repeated ones arising due to overlap in the expanded portions. Finally, note that this procedure of cutting graphs into smaller, computationally manageable sub-graphs provides only an approximation and may not yield all fundamental cycles.

See Also

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net <- weight_streetnet (hampi)
graph <- dodgr_contract_graph (net)
verts <- dodgr_vertices (graph)
cyc <- dodgr_fundamental_cycles (graph, verts)

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