dpa: Dynamic Path Approach

A GUI or command-line operated data analysis tool, for analyzing time-dependent simulation data in which multiple instantaneous or time-lagged relations are assumed. This package uses Structural Equation Modeling (the sem package). It is aimed to deal with time-dependent data and estimate whether a causal diagram fits data from an (agent-based) simulation model.

AuthorEmile Chappin <e.j.l.chappin@tudelft.nl>
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:58:35
MaintainerEmile Chappin <e.j.l.chappin@tudelft.nl>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.0)
http://www.chappin.com - http://www.r-project.org

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Man pages

dpa.analysis.options: Select the data and interval for analysis

dpa.analysis.performDPA: Perfrom DPA analysis

dpa.analysis.saveDPA: Save DPA result

dpa.data.authenticationCancel: Cancel the authetication window

dpa.data.authenticationSubmit: Authetication of information to establish connection

dpa.data.checkData: Check data

dpa.data.loadCancel: cancel loading of data

dpa.data.loadData: Load data

dpa.data.loadDataFromDatabase: Load data from database

dpa.data.loadDataFromDisk: Load data from database

dpa.data.saveDataToDisk: Save data to disk

dpa.data.setWorkingDirectory: Set working directory

dpa.data.viewOrEditData: View or Edit data

dpa.exit: DPA Exit

dpa.find.missingRow: Find missing rows in data

dpa.generate.lag: Generate lagged parameters in the data

dpa.incrementValue: DPA increment value

dpa.locate.missing: Locate missing data

dpa-package: Dynamic Path Approach for Analyzing time-dependent simulation...

dpa.relations.addRelations: Adding an entry made to the relations

dpa.relations.editRelations: Edit relations

dpa.relations.loadRelations: Load the saved relations from disk

dpa.relations.saveRelations: Save the relation

dpa.results.generateCoefficientsPlots: Generate the Coefficients plot

dpa.results.generateFitPlots: Generate the Fit plot

dpa.results.setGraphDir: Change results directory

dpa.results.viewNodePlots: Generate graphs in between the parameters of data

dpa.results.viewRelationsPlots: Generate the Relations plot

dpa.sort.data: Sort data

dpa.start: DPA Start

i: i

parameters: Parameters

relations: Relations

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