dpa: Dynamic Path Approach

A GUI or command-line operated data analysis tool, for analyzing time-dependent simulation data in which multiple instantaneous or time-lagged relations are assumed. This package uses Structural Equation Modeling (the sem package). It is aimed to deal with time-dependent data and estimate whether a causal diagram fits data from an (agent-based) simulation model.

AuthorEmile Chappin <e.j.l.chappin@tudelft.nl>
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:58:35
MaintainerEmile Chappin <e.j.l.chappin@tudelft.nl>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.0)
http://www.chappin.com - http://www.r-project.org

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Man pages

dpa.analysis.options: Select the data and interval for analysis

dpa.analysis.performDPA: Perfrom DPA analysis

dpa.analysis.saveDPA: Save DPA result

dpa.data.authenticationCancel: Cancel the authetication window

dpa.data.authenticationSubmit: Authetication of information to establish connection

dpa.data.checkData: Check data

dpa.data.loadCancel: cancel loading of data

dpa.data.loadData: Load data

dpa.data.loadDataFromDatabase: Load data from database

dpa.data.loadDataFromDisk: Load data from database

dpa.data.saveDataToDisk: Save data to disk

dpa.data.setWorkingDirectory: Set working directory

dpa.data.viewOrEditData: View or Edit data

dpa.exit: DPA Exit

dpa.find.missingRow: Find missing rows in data

dpa.generate.lag: Generate lagged parameters in the data

dpa.incrementValue: DPA increment value

dpa.locate.missing: Locate missing data

dpa-package: Dynamic Path Approach for Analyzing time-dependent simulation...

dpa.relations.addRelations: Adding an entry made to the relations

dpa.relations.editRelations: Edit relations

dpa.relations.loadRelations: Load the saved relations from disk

dpa.relations.saveRelations: Save the relation

dpa.results.generateCoefficientsPlots: Generate the Coefficients plot

dpa.results.generateFitPlots: Generate the Fit plot

dpa.results.setGraphDir: Change results directory

dpa.results.viewNodePlots: Generate graphs in between the parameters of data

dpa.results.viewRelationsPlots: Generate the Relations plot

dpa.sort.data: Sort data

dpa.start: DPA Start

i: i

parameters: Parameters

relations: Relations


dpa Man page
dpa.analysis.options Man page
dpa.analysis.performDPA Man page
dpa.analysis.saveDPA Man page
dpa.data.authenticationCancel Man page
dpa.data.authenticationSubmit Man page
dpa.data.checkData Man page
dpa.data.loadCancel Man page
dpa.data.loadData Man page
dpa.data.loadDataFromDatabase Man page
dpa.data.loadDataFromDisk Man page
dpa.data.saveDataToDisk Man page
dpa.data.setWorkingDirectory Man page
dpa.data.viewOrEditData Man page
dpa.exit Man page
dpa.find.missingRow Man page
dpa.generate.lag Man page
dpa.incrementValue Man page
dpa.locate.missing Man page
dpa-package Man page
dpa.relations.addRelations Man page
dpa.relations.editRelations Man page
dpa.relations.loadRelations Man page
dpa.relations.saveRelations Man page
dpa.results.generateCoefficientsPlots Man page
dpa.results.generateFitPlots Man page
dpa.results.setGraphDir Man page
dpa.results.viewNodePlots Man page
dpa.results.viewRelationsPlots Man page
dpa.sort.data Man page
dpa.start Man page
i Man page
parameters Man page
relations Man page

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