Man pages for dpa
Dynamic Path Approach

dpa.analysis.optionsSelect the data and interval for analysis
dpa.analysis.performDPAPerfrom DPA analysis
dpa.analysis.saveDPASave DPA result the authetication window of information to establish connection data loading of data data data from database data from database data to disk working directory or Edit data
dpa.exitDPA Exit
dpa.find.missingRowFind missing rows in data
dpa.generate.lagGenerate lagged parameters in the data
dpa.incrementValueDPA increment value
dpa.locate.missingLocate missing data
dpa-packageDynamic Path Approach for Analyzing time-dependent simulation...
dpa.relations.addRelationsAdding an entry made to the relations
dpa.relations.editRelationsEdit relations
dpa.relations.loadRelationsLoad the saved relations from disk
dpa.relations.saveRelationsSave the relation
dpa.results.generateCoefficientsPlotsGenerate the Coefficients plot
dpa.results.generateFitPlotsGenerate the Fit plot
dpa.results.setGraphDirChange results directory
dpa.results.viewNodePlotsGenerate graphs in between the parameters of data
dpa.results.viewRelationsPlotsGenerate the Relations plot
dpa.sort.dataSort data
dpa.startDPA Start
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