dprep: Data Pre-Processing and Visualization Functions for Classification

Data preprocessing techniques for classification. Functions for normalization, handling of missing values,discretization, outlier detection, feature selection, and data visualization are included.

AuthorEdgar Acuna and the CASTLE research group at The University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
Date of publication2015-11-24 07:46:38
MaintainerEdgar Acuna <edgar.acuna@upr.edu>

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Man pages

acugow: Gower distance from a vector to a matrix

arboleje: Predicting a bank's decision to give a loan for buying a car.

arboleje1: Predicting a bank's decision to give a loan for buying a car.

autompg: The Auto MPG dataset

baysout: Outlier detection using Bay and Schwabacher's algorithm.

breastw: The Breast Wisconsin dataset

bupa: The Bupa dataset

ce.impute: Imputation in supervised classification

ce.mimp: Mean or median imputation

census: census

chiMerge: Discretization using the Chi-Merge method

circledraw: circledraw

clean: Dataset's cleaning

colon: Alon et al.'s colon dataset

combinations: Constructing distinct permutations

crossval: Cross validation estimation of the misclassification error

crx: crx

cv10knn2: Auxiliary function for sequential feature selection

cv10lda2: Auxiliary function for sequential forward selection

cv10log: 10-fold cross validation estimation error for the classifier...

cv10mlp: 10-fold cross validation error estimation for the multilayer...

cv10rpart2: Auxiliary function for sequential feature selection

cvnaiveBayesd: Crossvalidation estimation error for the naive Bayes...

decscale: Decimal Scaling

diabetes: The Pima Indian Diabetes dataset

disc.1r: Discretization using the Holte's 1R method

disc2: Auxiliary function for performing discretization using equal...

disc.ef: Discretization using the method of equal frequencies

disc.ew: Discretization using the equal width method

disc.mentr: Discretization using the minimum entropy criterion

discretevar: Performs Minimum Entropy discretization for a given attribute

distancia: Vector-Vector Euclidiean Distance Function

distancia1: Vector-Vector Manhattan Distance Function

dist.to.knn: Auxiliary function for the LOF algorithm.

dprep-package: Data Preprocessing for supervised classification

ec.knnimp: Imputation using k-nearest neighbors.

eje1dis: Basic example for discriminant analysis

finco: FINCO Feature Selection Algorithm

heartc: The Heart Cleveland dataset

hepatitis: The hepatitis dataset

imagmiss: Visualization of Missing Data

inconsist: Computing the inconsistency measure

ionosphere: The Ionosphere dataset

knneigh.vect: Auxiliary function for computing the LOF measure.

knngow: K-nn classification using Gower distance

landsat: The landsat Satellite dataset

lofactor: Local Outlier Factor

lvf: Las Vegas Filter

mahaout: Multivariate outlier detection through the boxplot of the...

mardia: The Mardia's test of normality

maxlof: Detection of multivariate outliers using the LOF algorithm

midpoints1: Auxiliary function for computing minimun entropy...

mmnorm: Min-max normalization

mo3: The third moment of a multivariate distribution

mo4: The fourth moment of a multivariate distribution

moda: Calculating the Mode

near1: Auxiliary function for the reliefcont function

near3: Auxiliary function for the reliefcat function

nnmiss: Auxiliary function for knn imputation

outbox: Detecting outliers through boxplots of the features.

parallelplot: Parallel Coordinate Plot

radviz2d: Radial Coordinate Visualization

rangenorm: range normalization

reachability: Function for computing the reachability measure in the LOF...

redundancy: Finding the unique observations in a dataset along with their...

relief: RELIEF Feature Selection

reliefcat: Feature selection by the Relief Algorithm for datasets...

reliefcont: Feature selection by the Relief Algorithm for datasets with...

robout: Outlier Detection with Robust Mahalonobis distance

row.matches: Finding rows in a matrix equal to a given vector

sbs1: One-step sequential backward selection

score: Score function used in Bay's algorithm for outlier detection

sffs: Sequential Floating Forward Method

sfs: Sequential Forward Selection

sfs1: One-step sequential forward selection

Shuttle: The Shuttle dataset

signorm: Sigmoidal Normalization

softmaxnorm: Softmax Normalization

sonar: The Sonar dataset

srbct: Khan et al.'s small round blood cells dataset

star3d: Data Visuaization using star coordinates in three dimensions

starcoord: The star coordinates plot

surveyplot: Surveyplot

tchisq: Auxiliary function for the Chi-Merge discretization

top: Auxiliary function for Bay's Ouylier Detection Algorithm

unor: Auxiliary function for performing Holte's 1R discretization

vehicle: The Vehicle dataset

vvalen: The Van Valen test for equal covariance matrices

vvalen1: Auxiliary function for computing the Van Valen's...

znorm: Z-score normalization

Files in this package

dprep/R/crossval.R dprep/R/radviz2d.R dprep/R/maxlof.R dprep/R/knneigh.vect.R dprep/R/inconsist.R dprep/R/reachability.R dprep/R/decscale.R dprep/R/redundancy.R dprep/R/parallelplot.R dprep/R/chiMerge.R dprep/R/disc2.R dprep/R/softmaxnorm.R dprep/R/mardia.R dprep/R/clean.R dprep/R/mmnorm.R dprep/R/cv10rpart2.R dprep/R/dist.to.knn.R dprep/R/nnmiss.R dprep/R/sfs1.R dprep/R/ec.knnimp.R dprep/R/tchisq.R dprep/R/surveyplot.R dprep/R/score.R dprep/R/finco.R dprep/R/reliefcont.R dprep/R/sbs1.R dprep/R/cv10mlp.R dprep/R/distancia1.R dprep/R/star3d.R dprep/R/ce.mimp.R dprep/R/disc.ef.R dprep/R/reliefcat.R dprep/R/sffs.R dprep/R/combinations.R dprep/R/mo4.R dprep/R/vvalen.R dprep/R/rangenorm.R dprep/R/disc.ew.R dprep/R/starcoord.R dprep/R/lvf.R dprep/R/baysout.R dprep/R/unor.R dprep/R/signorm.R dprep/R/near3.R dprep/R/knngow.R dprep/R/top.R dprep/R/cv10log.R dprep/R/znorm.R dprep/R/near1.R dprep/R/mahaout.R dprep/R/ce.impute.R dprep/R/sfs.R dprep/R/cvnaiveBayesd.R dprep/R/outbox.R dprep/R/acugow.R dprep/R/moda.R dprep/R/relief.R dprep/R/mo3.R dprep/R/disc.mentr.R dprep/R/circledraw.R dprep/R/disc.1r.R dprep/R/imagmiss.R dprep/R/robout.R dprep/R/vvalen1.R dprep/R/row.matches.R dprep/R/midpoints1.R dprep/R/distancia.R dprep/R/lofactor.R dprep/R/cv10knn2.R dprep/R/cv10lda2.R dprep/R/discretevar.R
dprep/man/ec.knnimp.Rd dprep/man/srbct.Rd dprep/man/knngow.Rd dprep/man/reliefcat.Rd dprep/man/robout.Rd dprep/man/colon.Rd dprep/man/chiMerge.Rd dprep/man/maxlof.Rd dprep/man/outbox.Rd dprep/man/baysout.Rd dprep/man/softmaxnorm.Rd dprep/man/score.Rd dprep/man/sbs1.Rd dprep/man/row.matches.Rd dprep/man/cv10lda2.Rd dprep/man/circledraw.Rd dprep/man/clean.Rd dprep/man/star3d.Rd dprep/man/hepatitis.Rd dprep/man/distancia.Rd dprep/man/ionosphere.Rd dprep/man/disc.1r.Rd dprep/man/reachability.Rd dprep/man/crx.Rd dprep/man/cv10knn2.Rd dprep/man/mahaout.Rd dprep/man/mmnorm.Rd dprep/man/sfs.Rd dprep/man/lofactor.Rd dprep/man/combinations.Rd dprep/man/cv10mlp.Rd dprep/man/distancia1.Rd dprep/man/disc.ew.Rd dprep/man/near1.Rd dprep/man/ce.impute.Rd dprep/man/mo3.Rd dprep/man/unor.Rd dprep/man/top.Rd dprep/man/disc.mentr.Rd dprep/man/discretevar.Rd dprep/man/redundancy.Rd dprep/man/starcoord.Rd dprep/man/autompg.Rd dprep/man/vvalen.Rd dprep/man/reliefcont.Rd dprep/man/cv10log.Rd dprep/man/vehicle.Rd dprep/man/znorm.Rd dprep/man/tchisq.Rd dprep/man/disc2.Rd dprep/man/finco.Rd dprep/man/sonar.Rd dprep/man/dist.to.knn.Rd dprep/man/ce.mimp.Rd dprep/man/disc.ef.Rd dprep/man/knneigh.vect.Rd dprep/man/census.Rd dprep/man/relief.Rd dprep/man/midpoints1.Rd dprep/man/inconsist.Rd dprep/man/landsat.Rd dprep/man/moda.Rd dprep/man/parallelplot.Rd dprep/man/dprep-package.Rd dprep/man/mo4.Rd dprep/man/signorm.Rd dprep/man/imagmiss.Rd dprep/man/eje1dis.Rd dprep/man/breastw.Rd dprep/man/cvnaiveBayesd.Rd dprep/man/sffs.Rd dprep/man/diabetes.Rd dprep/man/sfs1.Rd dprep/man/arboleje.Rd dprep/man/crossval.Rd dprep/man/vvalen1.Rd dprep/man/bupa.Rd dprep/man/radviz2d.Rd dprep/man/lvf.Rd dprep/man/decscale.Rd dprep/man/mardia.Rd dprep/man/acugow.Rd dprep/man/Shuttle.Rd dprep/man/rangenorm.Rd dprep/man/near3.Rd dprep/man/surveyplot.Rd dprep/man/nnmiss.Rd dprep/man/heartc.Rd dprep/man/cv10rpart2.Rd dprep/man/arboleje1.Rd

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