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Data Pre-Processing and Visualization Functions for Classification

acugowGower distance from a vector to a matrix
arbolejePredicting a bank's decision to give a loan for buying a car.
arboleje1Predicting a bank's decision to give a loan for buying a car.
autompgThe Auto MPG dataset
baysoutOutlier detection using Bay and Schwabacher's algorithm.
breastwThe Breast Wisconsin dataset
bupaThe Bupa dataset
ce.imputeImputation in supervised classification
ce.mimpMean or median imputation
chiMergeDiscretization using the Chi-Merge method
cleanDataset's cleaning
colonAlon et al.'s colon dataset
combinationsConstructing distinct permutations
crossvalCross validation estimation of the misclassification error
cv10knn2Auxiliary function for sequential feature selection
cv10lda2Auxiliary function for sequential forward selection
cv10log10-fold cross validation estimation error for the classifier...
cv10mlp10-fold cross validation error estimation for the multilayer...
cv10rpart2Auxiliary function for sequential feature selection
cvnaiveBayesdCrossvalidation estimation error for the naive Bayes...
decscaleDecimal Scaling
diabetesThe Pima Indian Diabetes dataset
disc.1rDiscretization using the Holte's 1R method
disc2Auxiliary function for performing discretization using equal...
disc.efDiscretization using the method of equal frequencies
disc.ewDiscretization using the equal width method
disc.mentrDiscretization using the minimum entropy criterion
discretevarPerforms Minimum Entropy discretization for a given attribute
distanciaVector-Vector Euclidiean Distance Function
distancia1Vector-Vector Manhattan Distance Function function for the LOF algorithm.
dprep-packageData Preprocessing for supervised classification
ec.knnimpImputation using k-nearest neighbors.
eje1disBasic example for discriminant analysis
fincoFINCO Feature Selection Algorithm
heartcThe Heart Cleveland dataset
hepatitisThe hepatitis dataset
imagmissVisualization of Missing Data
inconsistComputing the inconsistency measure
ionosphereThe Ionosphere dataset
knneigh.vectAuxiliary function for computing the LOF measure.
knngowK-nn classification using Gower distance
landsatThe landsat Satellite dataset
lofactorLocal Outlier Factor
lvfLas Vegas Filter
mahaoutMultivariate outlier detection through the boxplot of the...
mardiaThe Mardia's test of normality
maxlofDetection of multivariate outliers using the LOF algorithm
midpoints1Auxiliary function for computing minimun entropy...
mmnormMin-max normalization
mo3The third moment of a multivariate distribution
mo4The fourth moment of a multivariate distribution
modaCalculating the Mode
near1Auxiliary function for the reliefcont function
near3Auxiliary function for the reliefcat function
nnmissAuxiliary function for knn imputation
outboxDetecting outliers through boxplots of the features.
parallelplotParallel Coordinate Plot
radviz2dRadial Coordinate Visualization
rangenormrange normalization
reachabilityFunction for computing the reachability measure in the LOF...
redundancyFinding the unique observations in a dataset along with their...
reliefRELIEF Feature Selection
reliefcatFeature selection by the Relief Algorithm for datasets...
reliefcontFeature selection by the Relief Algorithm for datasets with...
roboutOutlier Detection with Robust Mahalonobis distance
row.matchesFinding rows in a matrix equal to a given vector
sbs1One-step sequential backward selection
scoreScore function used in Bay's algorithm for outlier detection
sffsSequential Floating Forward Method
sfsSequential Forward Selection
sfs1One-step sequential forward selection
ShuttleThe Shuttle dataset
signormSigmoidal Normalization
softmaxnormSoftmax Normalization
sonarThe Sonar dataset
srbctKhan et al.'s small round blood cells dataset
star3dData Visuaization using star coordinates in three dimensions
starcoordThe star coordinates plot
tchisqAuxiliary function for the Chi-Merge discretization
topAuxiliary function for Bay's Ouylier Detection Algorithm
unorAuxiliary function for performing Holte's 1R discretization
vehicleThe Vehicle dataset
vvalenThe Van Valen test for equal covariance matrices
vvalen1Auxiliary function for computing the Van Valen's...
znormZ-score normalization
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