Man pages for dpseg
Piecewise Linear Segmentation by Dynamic Programming

addLmAdds linear regression data to 'dpseg' results or a table of...
backtrace_rbacktracing 'dpseg' segment break-points
dpsegdpseg : linear segmentation by dynamic programming
dpseg_oldinefficient 'dpseg' implementation
estimatePEstimate a starting value for penalty P.
movieVisualizes the 'dpseg' segmentation recursion as a movie.
oddataEscherichia coli growth curves.
plot.dpsegPlot method for a 'dpseg' segmentation model.
predict.dpsegPredict method for 'dpseg' segmentations
print.dpsegPrint method for linear segmentation result from 'dpseg'.
scanPScan over different penalty 'P' values
sgtableconstruct a segment table
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