Man pages for drake
A Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale

analysesanalyses *[Defunct]*
analysis_wildcardShow the analysis wildcard used in 'plan_summaries()'....
as_drake_filenameas_drake_filename *[Defunct]*
as_fileas_file *[Defunct]*
available_hash_algosList the available hash algorithms for drake caches....
backendbackend *[Defunct]*
bind_plansRow-bind together drake plans *[Stable]*
build_drake_graphFunction 'build_drake_graph' *[Deprecated]*
build_graphbuild_graph *[Defunct]*
build_timesSee the time it took to build each target. *[Stable]*
builtList all the built targets (non-imports) in the cache....
cachedList targets in the cache. *[Stable]*
cached_plannedList targets in both the plan and the cache. *[Stable]*
cached_unplannedList targets in the cache but not the plan. *[Stable]*
cache_namespacesList all the 'storr' cache namespaces used by drake....
cache_pathReturn the file path where the cache is stored, if...
cancelCancel a target mid-build *[Stable]*
cancel_ifCancel a target mid-build under some condition *[Stable]*
checkcheck *[Defunct]*
check_planCheck a workflow plan data frame for obvious errors....
cleanInvalidate and deregister targets. *[Stable]*
cleaned_namespacesAuxiliary storr namespaces *[Deprecated]*
clean_main_exampleDeprecated: clean the main example from...
clean_mtcars_exampleClean the mtcars example from 'drake_example("mtcars")'...
cmq_buildBuild a target using the clustermq backend *[Stable]*
code_to_functionTurn a script into a function. *[Stable]*
code_to_planTurn an R script file or 'knitr' / R Markdown report into a...
configconfig *[Defunct]*
configure_cacheConfigure the hash algorithms, etc. of a drake cache....
dataframes_graphdataframes_graph *[Defunct]*
dataset_wildcardShow the dataset wildcard used in 'plan_analyses()' and...
debug_and_runRun a function in debug mode. *[Stable]*
default_graph_titleReturn the default title for graph visualizations...
default_long_hash_algoReturn the default long hash algorithm for 'make()'....
default_Makefile_argsDefault arguments of Makefile parallelism *[Deprecated]*
default_Makefile_commandDefault Makefile command *[Deprecated]*
default_parallelismDefault parallel backend *[Deprecated]*
default_recipe_commandDefault Makefile recipe command *[Deprecated]*
default_short_hash_algoReturn the default short hash algorithm for 'make()'....
default_system2_argsdefault_system2_args *[Defunct]*
default_verboseDefault verbosity *[Deprecated]*
dependency_profileStates of the dependencies of a target *[Deprecated]*
deprecate_wildcarddeprecate_wildcard *[Defunct]*
depsdeps *[Defunct]*
deps_codeList the dependencies of a function or command *[Stable]*
deps_knitrFind the drake dependencies of a dynamic knitr report target....
deps_profileFind out why a target is out of date. *[Stable]*
deps_profile_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
deps_targetList the dependencies of a target *[Stable]*
deps_target_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
deps_targetsSee the dependencies of a target *[Deprecated]*
diagnoseGet diagnostic metadata on a target. *[Stable]*
doc_of_function_calldoc_of_function_call *[Defunct]*
do_preworkDo the prework in the 'prework' argument to 'make()'....
drake_batchtools_tmpl_fileGet a template file for execution on a cluster....
drake_buildBuild/process a single target or import. *[Questioning]*
drake_build_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
drake_cacheGet the cache of a 'drake' project. *[Stable]*
drake_cache_logGet the state of the cache. *[Stable]*
drake_cache_log_fileGenerate a flat text log file to represent the state of the...
drake_cancelledList cancelled targets. *[Stable]*
drake_configEnding of _drake.R for r_make() and friends *[Stable]*
drake_debugRun a single target's command in debug mode.' *[Questioning]*
drake_deps'drake_deps' helper
drake_deps_ht'drake_deps_ht' helper
drake_doneList done targets. *[Stable]*
drake_envirGet the environment where drake builds targets...
drake_exampleDownload the files of an example 'drake' project. *[Stable]*
drake_examplesList the names of all the drake examples. *[Stable]*
drake_failedList failed targets. *[Stable]*
drake_gcDo garbage collection on the drake cache. *[Stable]*
drake_get_session_infoSession info of the last call to 'make()'. *[Stable]*
drake_ggraphVisualize the workflow with 'ggraph'/'ggplot2' *[Stable]*
drake_ggraph_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
drake_graph_infoPrepare the workflow graph for visualization *[Stable]*
drake_graph_info_implInternal function
drake_historyHistory and provenance *[Stable]*
drake_hpc_template_fileWrite a template file for deploying work to a cluster / job...
drake_hpc_template_filesList the available example template files for deploying work...
drake_metaCompute the initial pre-build metadata of a target or import....
drake-packagedrake: A pipeline toolkit for reproducible computation at...
drake_paletteShow drake's color palette. *[Deprecated]*
drake_planCreate a drake plan for the 'plan' argument of 'make()'....
drake_plan_sourceShow the code required to produce a given 'drake' plan...
drake_progressGet the build progress of your targets *[Stable]*
drake_quotesPut quotes around each element of a character vector....
drake_runningList running targets. *[Stable]*
drake_scriptWrite an example _drake.R script to the current working...
drake_sessionSession info of the last call to 'make()'. *[Deprecated]*
drake_settings'drake_settings' helper
drake_sliceTake a strategic subset of a dataset. *[Stable]*
drake_stringsTurn valid expressions into character strings. *[Deprecated]*
drake_tempfiledrake tempfile *[Stable]*
drake_tipOutput a random tip about drake. *[Deprecated]*
drake_triggers'drake_triggers' helper
drake_unquoteRemove leading and trailing escaped quotes from character...
evaluateevaluate *[Defunct]*
evaluate_planUse wildcard templating to create a workflow plan data frame...
example_drakeexample_drake *[Defunct]*
examples_drakeexamples_drake *[Defunct]*
expandexpand *[Defunct]*
expand_planDeprecated: create replicates of targets. *[Deprecated]*
expose_importsDeprecated: expose package functions and objects for analysis...
failedList failed targets. *[Deprecated]*
file_inDeclare input files and directories. *[Stable]*
file_outDeclare output files and directories. *[Stable]*
file_storeShow a file's encoded representation in the cache *[Stable]*
find_cacheSearch up the file system for the nearest drake cache....
find_knitr_docfind_knitr_doc *[Defunct]*
find_projectSearch up the file system for the nearest root path of a...
from_planfrom_plan *[Defunct]*
future_buildTask passed to individual futures in the '"future"' backend...
gathergather *[Defunct]*
gather_byGather multiple groupings of targets *[Deprecated]*
gather_planCombine targets *[Deprecated]*
get_cacheThe default cache of a 'drake' project. *[Deprecated]*
get_traceDeprecated, get a trace of a dynamic target's value....
id_chrName of the current target *[Stable]*
ignoreIgnore code *[Stable]*
importedList all the imports in the drake cache. *[Deprecated]*
in_progressList the targets in progress *[Deprecated]*
is_function_callis_function_call *[Defunct]*
isolate_exampleIsolate the side effects of an example. *[Stable]*
knitr_depsDependencies of a knitr report *[Deprecated]*
knitr_inDeclare 'knitr'/'rmarkdown' source files as dependencies....
legend_nodesCreate the nodes data frame used in the legend of the graph...
load_basic_exampleload_basic_example *[Defunct]*
load_main_exampleLoad the main example. *[Deprecated]*
load_mtcars_exampleLoad the mtcars example. *[Stable]*
long_hash'drake' now has just one hash algorithm per cache....
makeRun your project (build the outdated targets). *[Stable]*
Makefile_recipeDefault Makefile recipe *[Deprecated]*
make_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
make_importsJust process the imports *[Deprecated]*
make_targetsJust make the targets *[Deprecated]*
make_with_configApply make() with a pre-computed config object *[Deprecated]*
manage_memoryManage the in-memory dependencies of a target. *[Stable]*
map_planCreate a plan that maps a function to a grid of arguments....
max_useful_jobsmax_useful_jobs *[Defunct]*
migrate_drake_projectmigrate_drake_project *[Defunct]*
missedReport any import objects required by your drake_plan plan...
missed_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
new_cacheMake a new 'drake' cache. *[Stable]*
new_drake_deps'drake_deps' constructor
new_drake_deps_ht'drake_deps_ht' constructor
new_drake_settings'drake_settings' constructor
new_drake_triggers'drake_triggers' constructor
no_depsSuppress dependency detection. *[Stable]*
outdatedList the targets that are out of date. *[Stable]*
outdated_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
parallelism_choicesNames of old parallel backends *[Deprecated]*
parallel_stagesparallel_stages *[Defunct]*
planplan *[Defunct]*
plan_analysesSpecialized wildcard for analyses *[Deprecated]*
plan_drakeplan_drake *[Defunct]*
plan_summariesSpecialized wildcard for summaries *[Deprecated]*
plan_to_codeTurn a 'drake' plan into a plain R script file....
plan_to_notebookTurn a 'drake' plan into an R notebook. *[Questioning]*
plot_graphplot_graph *[Defunct]*
predict_load_balancingPredict parallel computing behavior *[Deprecated]*
predict_runtimePredict the elapsed runtime of the next call to 'make()' for...
predict_runtime_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
predict_workersPredict the load balancing of the next call to 'make()' for...
predict_workers_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
process_importProcess an imported data object *[Stable]*
progressGet the build progress of your targets *[Deprecated]*
prune_drake_graphPrune the graph *[Deprecated]*
rate_limiting_timesrate_limiting_times *[Defunct]*
read_configread_config *[Defunct]*
readdRead and return a drake target/import from the cache....
read_drake_configRead a config object from the cache *[Deprecated]*
read_drake_graphRead a workflow graph from the cache *[Deprecated]*
read_drake_metaread_drake_meta *[Defunct]*
read_drake_planRead the plan from the cache *[Deprecated]*
read_drake_seedRead the pseudo-random number generator seed of the project....
read_graphread_graph *[Defunct]*
read_planread_plan *[Defunct]*
read_traceRead a trace of a dynamic target. *[Stable]*
recoverableList the most upstream _recoverable_ outdated targets....
recoverable_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
recover_cacheLoad or create a drake cache *[Deprecated]*
reduce_byReduce multiple groupings of targets *[Deprecated]*
reduce_planWrite commands to reduce several targets down to one....
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
render_drake_ggraphVisualize the workflow with 'ggplot2'/'ggraph' using...
render_drake_graphRender a visualization using the data frames generated by...
render_graphrender_graph *[Defunct]*
render_sankey_drake_graphRender a Sankey diagram from 'drake_graph_info()'. *[Stable]*
render_static_drake_graphDeprecated: render a 'ggraph'/'ggplot2' representation of...
render_text_drake_graphShow a workflow graph as text in your terminal window using...
rescue_cacheTry to repair a drake cache that is prone to throwing...
r_makeLaunch a drake function in a fresh new R process *[Stable]*
r_recipe_wildcardDefault Makefile recipe wildcard *[Deprecated]*
rs_addin_loaddLoadd target at cursor into global environment *[Stable]*
rs_addin_r_makeRStudio addin for r_make() *[Stable]*
rs_addin_r_outdatedRStudio addin for r_outdated() *[Stable]*
rs_addin_r_vis_drake_graphRStudio addin for r_vis_drake_graph() *[Stable]*
runningList running targets. *[Deprecated]*
sankey_drake_graphShow a Sankey graph of your drake project. *[Stable]*
sankey_drake_graph_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
sessionsession *[Defunct]*
shell_fileShell file for Makefile parallelism *[Deprecated]*
short_hash'drake' now only uses one hash algorithm per cache....
show_sourceShow how a target/import was produced. *[Stable]*
static_drake_graphDeprecated: show a 'ggraph'/'ggplot2' representation of your...
subtargetsList sub-targets *[Stable]*
summariessummaries *[Defunct]*
targetCustomize a target in 'drake_plan()'. *[Stable]*
target_namespacesStorr namespaces for targets *[Deprecated]*
text_drake_graphShow a workflow graph as text in your terminal window....
text_drake_graph_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
this_cacheGet the cache at the exact file path specified....
trackedList the targets and imports that are reproducibly tracked....
transformationsTransformations in 'drake_plan()'. *[Stable]*
transform_planTransform a plan *[Stable]*
triggerCustomize the decision rules for rebuilding targets...
triggersList the old drake triggers. *[Deprecated]*
type_sum.expr_listType summary printing *[Questioning]*
use_drakeUse drake in a project *[Questioning]*
vis_drake_graphShow an interactive visual network representation of your...
vis_drake_graph_implInternal function with a drake_config() argument
walk_codeStatic code analysis
which_cleanWhich targets will 'clean()' invalidate? *[Stable]*
workflowworkflow *[Defunct]*
workplanworkplan *[Defunct]*
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