Man pages for drtmle
Doubly-Robust Nonparametric Estimation and Inference

adaptive_iptwCompute asymptotically linear IPTW estimators with super...
ciCompute confidence intervals for drtmle and [email protected]
ci.adaptive_iptwConfidence intervals for adaptive_iptw objects
ci.drtmleConfidence intervals for drtmle objects
drtmleTMLE estimate of the average treatment effect with...
eval_DiptwEvaluate usual influence function of IPTW
eval_Diptw_gEvaluate extra piece of the influence function for the IPTW
eval_DstarEvaluate usual efficient influence function
eval_Dstar_gEvaluate extra piece of efficient influence function...
eval_Dstar_QEvaluate extra piece of efficient influence function...
method.CC_LS_modModification of convex combination least squares method for...
method.CC_nloglik_modModification of convex combination negative log likelihood...
plot.drtmlePlot reduced dimension regression fits
predict.SL.npregPredict method for SL.npreg
print.adaptive_iptwPrint the output of a '"adaptive_iptw"' object. the output of ci.adaptive_iptw the output of ci.drtmle
print.drtmlePrint the output of a '"drtmle"' object.
print.wald_test.adaptive_iptwPrint the output of wald_test.adaptive_iptw
print.wald_test.drtmlePrint the output of wald_test.drtmle
SL.npregSuper learner wrapper for kernel regression
wald_testWald tests for drtmle and adaptive_iptw objects
wald_test.adaptive_iptwWald tests for adaptive_iptw objects
wald_test.drtmleWald tests for drtmle objects
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