Man pages for dscore
D-Score for Child Development

builtin_itembankBuilt-in itembank
builtin_itemtableGlobal Scale for Early Development - itemtable
builtin_referencesAge-conditional reference distribution of D-score
calculate_posteriorCalculate posterior of ability
count_mu_dutchMedian of Dutch references
count_mu_gcdgMedian of GCDG references
count_mu_phase1Median of phase1 references
dazD-score standard deviation score: DAZ
decompose_itemnamesDecomposes item names into their four components
dscoreD-score estimation
dscore-packagedscore: D-score for Child Development
get_age_equivalentGet age equivalents of items that have a difficulty estimate
get_itemnamesExtract item names
get_itemtableGet a subset of items from the itemtable
get_labelsGet labels for items
get_referenceGet D-score reference
get_tauObtain difficulty parameters from item bank
gsampleSample of 10 children from the GSED Phase 1 study
milestonesOutcomes on developmental milestones for preterm-born...
normalizeNormalize distribution
posteriorCalculate posterior for one item given score, difficulty and...
rename_gcdg_gsedRename items from gcdg into gsed lexicon
sample_hfSample of 10 children from GSED HH
sample_lfSample of 10 children from gto (LF)
sample_sfSample of 10 children from gpa (SF)
sort_itemnamesSorts item names according to user-specified priority
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