Man pages for dtw
Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms

aamiANSI/AAMI EC13 Test Waveforms, 3a and 3b
countPathsCount the number of warping paths consistent with the...
dtwDynamic Time Warp
dtwDistCompute a dissimilarity matrix
dtw-internalInternal dtw Functions
dtw-packageComprehensive implementation of Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)...
dtwPlotPlotting of dynamic time warp results
dtwPlotDensityDisplay the cumulative cost density with the warping path...
dtwPlotThreeWayPlotting of dynamic time warp results: annotated warping...
dtwPlotTwoWayPlotting of dynamic time warp results: pointwise comparison
dtwWindowingFunctionsGlobal constraints and windowing functions for DTW
mvmMinimum Variance Matching algorithm
stepPatternStep patterns for DTW
warpApply a warping to a given timeseries
warpAreaCompute Warping Path Area
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