Man pages for duckdb
DBI Package for the DuckDB Database Management System

backend-duckdbDuckDB SQL backend for dbplyr
deprecatedDeprecated functions
duckdbConnect to a DuckDB database instance
duckdb_connection-classDuckDB connection class
duckdb_driver-classDuckDB driver class
duckdb_explain-classDuckDB EXPLAIN query tree
duckdb-packageDuckDB client package for R
duckdb_read_csvReads a CSV file into DuckDB
duckdb_registerRegister a data frame as a virtual table
duckdb_register_arrowRegister an Arrow data source as a virtual table
duckdb_result-classDuckDB Result Set
expr_constantCreate a constant expression
expr_functionCreate a function call expression
expr_referenceCreate a column reference expression
expr_set_aliasSet the alias for an expression
expr_tostringConvert an expression to a string for debugging purposes
rel_aggregateLazily aggregate a DuckDB relation object
rel_aliasGet the internal alias for a DuckDB relation object
rel_distinctLazily compute a distinct result on a DuckDB relation object
rel_explainPrint the EXPLAIN output for a DuckDB relation object
rel_filterLazily filter a DuckDB relation object
rel_from_dfConvert a R data.frame to a DuckDB relation object
rel_inner_joinLazily INNER join two DuckDB relation objects
rel_orderLazily reorder a DuckDB relation object
rel_projectLazily project a DuckDB relation object
rel_set_aliasSet the internal alias for a DuckDB relation object
rel_sqlRun a SQL query on a DuckDB relation object
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