Man pages for dvmisc
Faster Computation of Common Statistics and Miscellaneous Functions

bmi3Convert Continuous BMI Values into 3-Level Factor
bmi4Convert Continuous BMI Values into 4-Level Factor
cov_iSample Covariance for Integer Vectors
cov_nSample Covariance for Numeric Vectors
diff1_i1-Unit Lagged Differences for Integer Values
diff1_n1-Unit Lagged Differences for Numeric Values
diff_iLagged Differences for Integer Values
diff_nLagged Differences for Numeric Values
dots_barsPlot Points +/- Error Bars
dvmiscFaster Computation of Common Statistics and Miscellaneous...
get_mseExtract Mean Squared Error (MSE) from Fitted Regression Model
headtailReturn the First and Last Part of an Object
histoHistogram with Added Options
insideCheck Whether Numeric Value Falls Inside Two Other Numeric...
interval_groupsSplit Continuous Variable into Equal-Width Groups
list_overrideAdd Elements of Second List to First List, Replacing Elements...
logit_probConvert Logit to Probability
logodds_graphGraph Log-Odds of Binary Variable Across A Grouping Variable
max_nMaximum of Numeric Values
mean_iMean of Integer Values
mean_nMean of Numeric Values
means_graphGraph Means Across a Grouping Variable
min_nMinimum of Numeric Values
odds_probConvert Odds to Probability
pooled_var_iPooled Sample Variance for Integer Vectors
pooled_var_nPooled Sample Variance for Numeric Vectors
prob_logitConvert Probability to Logit
prob_oddsConvert Probability to Odds
quant_groupsSplit Continuous Variable into Quantile Groups
range_iRange (Actually Minimum and Maximum) of Integer Values
range_nRange (Actually Minimum and Maximum) of Numeric Values
sd_iSample Standard Deviation for Integer Values
sd_nSample Standard Deviation for Numeric Values
sum_iSum of Integer Values
sumsimSummarize Simulation Results
trimTrim Tail Values off of a Vector
true_range_iTrue Range of Integer Values
true_range_nTrue Range of Numeric Values
var_iSample Variance for Integer Values
var_nSample Variance for Numeric Values
weighted_mean_iiWeighted Arithmetic Mean for Integer Values and Integer...
weighted_mean_inWeighted Arithmetic Mean for Integer Values and Numeric...
weighted_mean_niWeighted Arithmetic Mean for Numeric Values and Integer...
weighted_mean_nnWeighted Arithmetic Mean for Numeric Values and Numeric...
which_max_imReturn (Row, Column) Index of (First) Maximum of an Integer...
which_max_ivReturn Index of (First) Maximum of an Integer Vector
which_max_nmReturn (Row, Column) Index of (First) Maximum of a Numeric...
which_max_nvReturn Index of (First) Maximum of a Numeric Vector
which_min_imReturn (Row, Column) Index of (First) Minimum of an Integer...
which_min_ivReturn Index of (First) Minimum of an Integer Vector
which_min_nmReturn (Row, Column) Index of (First) Minimum of a Numeric...
which_min_nvReturn Index of (First) Minimum of a Numeric Vector
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